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the era – jay chou

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on Tuesday, Donald had to work late, so I thought I’d spend some time at the shops, doing some window shopping and getting my food magazines.

and of course the Jay Chou concert dvd. This dvd is the recording of the Jay Chou “The Era” concert in Taiwan. The concert that a group of friends and I went to catch when Jay was in Singapore last July. It was my first concert, and Jay’s celebration of 10 years in the music industry. Of course I was going to get the dvd as a souvenir.

The problem was getting the dvd that cost S$65, or the S$25. It should have been a no brainer right? Of course get the S$25 dvd la, sez Donald. Took me about 15 mins before I decided that I’d get the S$65 limited edition. Bah. And I just spent 2 hours watching the concert dvd with Donald, where it took me back to the concert. Did send my heart racing alllllll over again.

Oh Jay…only you can do that. *dreamy sigh* =P

the lunar new year has been fairly quiet, only cos Donald and I sorta made it so. We crammed all our visitations in the first day, so that we’d have the rest of the holidays free. Whee! But it was quite a decent first day, quality time spent with family, and still trying to work out the family visitations. Traditions..traditions, traditions. oh and the pigging out on chocolate and more chocolate…*drool*

Been catching up on sleep, and doing some errands around the house. I’m quite stoked to see the herbs growing well in their pots. Gotta do something about the oregano tho =( I’ve finally got approval from Donald to leave the pots in the kitchen so that I’ve access to fresh herbs easily when I need them. At this point, I’ve got successfully growing into seedlings:

1) Sage
2) Italian parsley
3) Thyme

I’ve got basil from cuttings so it’s gonna be interesting how it’s gonna continue growing. Will probably go grab a bookshelf from my dad later for the pots to be placed outside the house. *beams* Wonders if I could start selling these herbs. Cos I haven’t seen any place selling these herbs! Anyone interested? haha.

Another 2 days before having to head back to work, and I get to go shopping tomorrow. Probably window shopping again, though there are some items that we need to get for the house.

alrighty, off to prep dinner, and have meal plan for the week!

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me & my red meat

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as of today, I’ve got:

2kg pork spare ribs
4.7kg beef ribeye
2kg beef mince
4kg lamb chop
2.9kg boneless lamb leg
3kg various sausages
2.1kg lamb rack

and I’m a happy person. All thanks to my colleague who introduced me to buy direct from wholesalers! I reckon I’ve got enough meat to last me for a good 6 months. Spending over S$250 for so much meat does sound a little crazy, but I need my red meat without having to pay an arm & leg for it at the supermarkets!

Donald and I spent a good hour or so, sorting out the meat, and repacking them into smaller packets. The ribeye, lamb rack and pork ribs came in a massive piece, so it was just as well that the meat was slightly defrosted, and made hacking it into pieces much easier (I did tell Donald that he looked really masculine hacking the meat..haha, oh, the perks =P).

We put some of the lamb chops on the skillet this evening, and the smell of rosemary, black pepper and lamb just smelt awesome. The guys who sliced them up did a good job with the pieces! It did look a little thin, but it worked out nicely, where we didn’t have to take forever chewing thick chunks of meat.

Can’t say much about the slices of rib-eye that Donald sliced up…they were getting thicker and thicker as he got tired. hahah =P

I can foresee where some of the meats are going to end up on the menu for the week! mmMM….sausages for breakfast.

On a side note, watching Glee MTVs are sooo addictive!! ohoh, and collecting Jay’s concert dvd tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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MJ. Magical Jay.

magic. that was what last night’s concert was to me.

impecable. incomparable. out of this world.

Opening scene @ 'The Era' concert

it was my first Jay Chou concert after ‘knowing’ Jay for 10 years. and it was so.frikking.awesome.

it was like going on a first date. I couldn’t really sleep the night before. I made sure that I charged some spare batteries for some concert photos. I pondered about what I wanted to wear to the concert.

And then I tried to keep myself busy so that time would fly.

I was nervous when it got closer to the time. There was two ways the concert could go for me. It could be a ‘omg, it’s Jay!! *extreme hyperventilation*’ or it could be a ‘oh, that’s it?’. I had set pretty high expectations for this concert. To give him heaps and heaps of credit, Jay did not disappoint.

With Justina screaming beside me as well, about the concert starting, I told her that I thought I saw a silouhette in this globe like thing, and the both of us started screaming. hahaha. The atmosphere was magic. We were screaming our hearts out, we sang along to his songs, and we stood up when he told us that the chairs were for bags, and we were meant to be standing. haha. =)

The effects were magical. 3d effects were used, and the concert was brought up to another level. There was a message to all fans from Jay as we went through the last 10 years of memories on screen. His dedication, and his works.

‘do you remember my first song?’

‘do you remember my first concert?’

‘do you remember my first movie?’

‘do you remember “Secret”?

‘I will not go down so easily..because I am 周杰伦’

I was getting teary by then. Jay’s come a loooong way. And just when we thought it was the end of the concert, the drummer led us into a drum solo, before thumping out 3 distinctive beats. The entire crowd went mad, and soon we were chanting Jay’s name in unison with the beats.


And we got the encore we wanted. *dies of happiness* hahaha. At some point in time, I must have tuned out to the entire concert and just stared at Jay singing, and dancing, absolutely mesmerised. Cos I can’t remember what happened at some parts of the concert. I know I was screaming my heart out, I know I was waving my hands with the rest of the fans, I know I was grabbing Justina at some point in time. But it all felt like a dream. Like it never happened.

To be honest, I’m still quite in a dazed. Thank god for photos. hahah. =P Even staring at the photos, even some of them are badly taken, I can’t believe I was there to take them. Like I’d think that they were taken by someone else.

And thank god for 20x zoom lens hahaha. Watching Jay on the lcd screen was insane. hehehe. Okay, I gotta stop raving about Jay. And snap out of it at some point in time.

Maybe in another 10 years time. =)

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