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“Wait Ollie, mummy’s just going to finish hanging out the laundry and we’ll play together okay?”

“Oh Quentin, wait ah, mummy’s almost done and then I’ll feed you.”

Maybe I’m being a little self-conscious about it now, I realized that I have been using the word “wait” a lot lately on both the monsters. With Ollie, it is easier to manage because there is the television but even monsters get sick of the television and want some human interaction. Well..it is that way with Ollie.

I’m still in the process of transitioning from one kid to two kids. QT has been fairly easy going, still sleeping a fair bit, but keeping awake long enough to keep me away from my chores. There’s a bit of sibling tag team which drives me insane. You know, the kind of moment where you deal with one and just when you think you can get back to what you were doing in the first place, you have to deal with the other. Which kinda makes doing a lot of things a little difficult.

Like baking cookies. Right, like if I don’t bake cookies it would be the end of the world. But Ollie likes cookies and I want him to have awesome memories of having home-baked cookies, and look at me with those cute eyes and ask for “2 bikits? 2 only.”

See, when I became a SAHM, I envisioned being in the most ideal situation dealing with a kid and running the household. By the end of Ollie’s first year, the house looked nowhere like those in the magazines by the end of the day. I was a stickler for how orderly the house should look. It made me feel good when the house looked good. I still do think that way, except that my expectations are soooo lowered that the house will only look good when I feel up to it enough. Haha. That was a swift kick enough to my arse.

With two kids? Hah. Donald should be happy there is even a nice meal on the table. Okay, nice meal according to my standards, not Donald’s. Donald’s idea of dinner is a simple meal, whatever takes the shortest time to prepare. My idea of dinner is a nice meal, which means something like a roast chicken, or cauliflower gratin, a meal which probably makes the kitchen look like a tornado has gone through it by the time I am done cooking, only cause I got interrupted by the kids. Oh let’s not get to the mess outside in the living room.

I was picking up Ollie’s board books in the living room, about to commence the night ritual of cleaning up when QT started fussing. And I said “wait QT, mummy’s almost done”. And I remembered that I seemed to have said it a lot of times today.

And I remembered the moments where Ollie didn’t have to wait, and he said and did lots and made me laugh a lot.

He watered the our plants by himself today.
“Ollie loves cookies! Cookie monster, ohm nom nom”
He sat next to me and ate his pasta all by himself, finishing every bit of it.
“Ollie wants crackers. Bikits? 2 bikits? 1 gummy. 1 only.”
Puts socks on his hands and tried to put on his shoes.
Stood on a carton and gave me a running commentary of what he could see outside the window.
Hopped around the house, “Ollie is a kangaroo! Hop hop!”
Sees his bathrobe when I placed the dried laundry on an armchair and exclaims “Daddy bring Ollie schweeming! Daddy dry Ollie with the towel.”
Helps sort some of the laundry out by identifying the owners of the top.
“Ollie wants to lie next to 弟弟” when QT was placed on the play gym.
“Mummy tired. Mummy sleep next to Ollie” when I handed him my phone to watch some videos (haha, yes I do that occasionally so I can get a 10-15 minute catnap in the mornings).
Runs off to get his diaper when I bribed him with chocolate to change his diaper. This includes putting everything back in place before running back to me with fresh diaper.
He is very particular about the order of things. Mess up a nursery rhyme or a song and he will correct you. Donald and I love teasing him and changing the lyrics, which usually sends him into a tizzy.

I guess I really need to cut back on telling the kids to wait. We get so much more out of them then. How else will I get my daily dose of toddler comedy? Haha =P

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