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may so far

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Picnic food

May started off with a picnic on a hot and sunny day at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. *beams* For some reason, I was dying to go for a picnic with Donald. haha. Of course I asked a few other people along just for the fun of it. Turns out only Joanna turned up. haha. Poor Donald and I had to practice restraint to not be too smoochy in front of Jo. hahahah. Just kidding. =P

I had a good time that day, just chilling at the gardens, under the shade, and eating and chatting. We saw heaps of pots of orchids for sale, pitcher plants and venus fly traps. I had itchy fingers and teased one of the fly traps into closing. hehe. How cute!

The rest of the week passed by quietly, and we met up with a few more interior designers just to get a feel of what we want, and how it would look like for our new place. The kitchen is giving us quite some dramas, with me wanting to have heaps of counter top space and trying to find the right spot for the fridge. MEH. We’ve got a perfect shaped kitchen and dining room! How did designing get to be THAT problematic?? *grumbles* But yes, all in the name of fun so far. =P

Just realised that this one entry took almost 2 weeks to be written. I started it on 8th May, and now it’s the 24th May. Doh. I have been procrastinating. So yar. =P

Of course so many things have happened between now and then. Good things. We found a new gadget at Sim Lim (to be set up at my mom’s place later this week), we met up with the same IDs again, did more planning, went to the zoo last weekend, met up with Ken & Leon before they left for Japan, cooked babi sioh for my parents on a Saturday (that ended up on the dinner table @ grandma’s), my stuff arrived from Perth etc

It felt soooo good to be able cook something from scratch again. A new recipe and success on the first time too!  The pork was tender enough, and there was enough gravy. =D The whole shopping experience was fun too..ventured into the unknown by shopping at the wet market. hahaha. Basically went where the crowd was when it came to shopping at the stalls. I reckon I would have saved about another $10 had I shopped at the wet market instead of the supermarket.

Ah wells, I’ll get a chance to do that this long weekend. hehe. Gonna trawl through my magazines for another decent recipe to try.

Donald and I finally decided on the layout of our kitchen. One that we are very happy with, but we are still deciding on the doors. And the cost. Oh goodness, the cost. I haven’t even confirmed the renovation works yet and I’m starting to feel very poor. Doh. But it is to be a home, so I am willing to invest in decent renovation works. I think the hubby is the one feeling the pinch. A very big pinch no less =P

went to the zoo the last weekend, free entry courtesy of Donald’s workplace. We spent 3 hours walking. Utter madness, but it was fun! My feet were sooo sore after that. I haven’t been to the zoo for ages, so it was really nice to check out what was new at the zoo. A couple of new enclosures..and of course more things to pay for as well. Wanted to get Daisy a small backpack with detachable animals on it..but thought surely there has to be something better than that. =P

got a shock last night when Thomas nearly jumped out of the window. stupid cat saw a lizard on the wall and gonna pounce on it on the wall, just beneath the open window. I gave a yell when that happened. Not that it’d do anything to save him if he had jumped out. The food and water bowls were beneath the window as well..so our dear friend knocked some water over as well. Totally forgot about lizards in Singapore. We don’t see alot of the household ones in Perth. Meh.

We’ve been giving Marcus and Thomas a work out every evening too with the laser pointer. haha. It’s really funny to see them following it, esp. Thomas. I’m torn between saying Thomas is silly and smart. He’s silly cos he’ll follow the laser beam around, as far as we can point it. He’ll follow it into the room, and then spend a while looking for it and come out looking somewhat bewildered. He’s smart cos he knows that the laser beam comes from the laser pointer. Take the pointer out, and he’ll come to you, sit/stand in front of you, and then he’ll look to the ground.

*sigh* what will I do without the both of them. =P

long weekend up ahead! We’ll have a couple of errands to run..so will probably nuah on Friday before hitting the weekend. We’ve been having such late nights no thanks to meetings with agents, IDs and family. It’s gonna be an early night for me tonight. *yawn*

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it’s only been one week

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at the risk of sounding really sappy, it’s been only one week since he left. =(

what happened to the ‘time flies’ bit?! bleh.

anyways, the house hunting has been happening and I think we have just found the flat. albeit in a really ulu location. well, just because i have never ventured around that area, it is ulu to me okay. =P

can’t wait to redecorate!! hahah. and my kitchen, oh my kitchen. gonna see to it that it is decked out with proper kitchen stuff!!

The weather’s awesome today…although a wee bit too hot. Kenneth’s in town so we are head to Freo and then probably go looking at a laptop for me! Can’t wait!! I don’t know if I should wait for the post-Xmas sale or just get one now. Don’t think electronics are gonna be any cheaper during the sale. hmm.

Torn between the ‘want to get it down’ and ‘just wait!!’ feeling. With the purchase of this laptop, I can forget about the juicer. It’s either this or the juicer..and I’d rather go with the laptop. =D No frying pan too. *sigh*

Anyhoo, time to deck out the sunnies!

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just another weekend

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weekends should just be like this.

half-days Friday.

food on the go.

some time in the garden.

a little nana-nap before dinner time.


I wasn’t even sure if I was meant to go into work today. I was sooo groggy when I got woken up this morning by Donald, after he had came back from his graveyard shift at Ikea. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so I took a flu tablet last night (the kind that make you uber drowsy), and crashed all the way till this morning. Dead to the world. haha.

Went to work for a couple of hours, just to pick the post, and wait for any parcels. Or rather, wait for Donald’s and MY parcel. Donald’s arrived, mine didn’t. =( I’m still waiting for my replacement E66 LCD screen that I ordered on ebay 2.5 weeks ago. BAH. The screen’s just going from bad to worse. Sigh.

Headed off to Freo market to Cake of Soap to get some handmade organic soap for the cousin (like a dozen!!), and grabbed a bright red delicious-looking, strawberry scented one as a gift for an upcoming birthday as well. Every time I walk into that shop, I walk out feeling hungry, and desperate for dessert. They look THAT good to eat. Have a look at their website and you’ll know what I mean. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, and I’m not about to take the slab that I bought out of the box which is already nicely wrapped =P

Lunch was a crepe suzette with pan-fried chicken, spinach, carrots & balsamic vinegar (mine), and another one with fish and salad (Donald’s). We walked down the streets of Freo, just chilling. Would have loved to have a coffee, but the fiance looked tired, so we didn’t spend too much time around.

Went to Subi markets and I love the markets here, cos of the bright colours of fresh produce! Was so tempted to buy a little of every type of fruit to bring back to Singapore. Apparently strawberries are in season, hrm. Very very tempting to buy a carton home to share. Got some loose nuts for the nutty people at home and some dried fruit. Which reminds me..should bake some cranberry muffins soon. They were yum the last time I made them.

The rest of the arvo was spent checking out airfares and booking flights for our honeymoon! Bloody cheap airfares to Japan. haha. We’ll be spending about two weeks there, before heading back to Perth again. very very exciting! Alot of things to look forward too =P but another thing to think about. ARGH.

4 more days to go!

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