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oreo monster

oreo monster

the monster will turn two in 10 days time. has it been really two years? in all seriousness, it seemed not so long ago that we had this little monster and were slowly adapting to life with a kid.

Some memories are a little hazy. Hazy enough for us to revisit the 1,000,001 videos that we took of Ollie to remind us of what life was life with an infant. Oh the bad hair and crappily dressed us. We had gotten to an all time low, not really caring what we wore out, just as long as we were comfortable in them, comfortable enough to handle a baby with ease.

Now Ollie is a major chatterbox. Donald and I are loving the way he talks to us, telling us what he thinks and what he remembers. Telling us what he wants to do and what he doesn’t in his very Ollie way. We have been including Quentin in our conversations and hope that he gets used to it. He has included kissing and hugging my tummy in his bedtime routine as a way of saying good night to his unborn brother. Ollie has shown signs of empathy to other people/kids crying, muttering ‘it’s okay, don’t cry’ or even going up to said kid to give a hug or a pat at my request. Hopefully this will apply to his brother too!

7 more weeks to go. I am excited. I can’t wait for this arrival. I will know at the appointment on the 21st if I will most probably be delivering naturally or by C-sect. Meh. I really hope it will be a natural delivery. Recovery is faster and I would be able to try managing Ollie & Quentin on my own. Time is passing a little too slowly for me now as I get slower and poor Ollie is not getting more fun with me. Thankfully there is Donald and his aunt, R, to help take him out cycling or to the waterpark.

We have also been keeping a look out for a bed for Ollie. I am particularly inclined to getting a bunk bed that can be separated into two single beds. The flexibility will allow us to switch when the need arises. I mean for now, we will need two single beds cos Donald will sleep with Ollie in his room till he gets used to the bed. And when Quentin & Ollie gets older, then we will switch it back into a bunk bed.

Donald and I have also been busy somewhat separately, with me prepping for Quentin’s arrival and him being busy at work. Sometimes I think we forget that we are a couple and start being snarky with each other. It is trying. Me trying to remind myself that he is busy at work and him having to do the extra chores at home cos I am not able to do so. I guess I can’t wait for Quentin to arrive so that my life can go back to being normal and I don’t have to feel so helpless at home. Gaaah. We have been considering about putting Ollie over at my parents’ for a night over the weekend so Donald and I can have some time together, pick up, catch up and socialise a little sometimes. I probably will feel A LOT guiltier in the early days, but will prob get the hang of it and enjoy the break! Hahah.

How did married life with kids get so complicated?? Oh the commitments…..