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Papa & Ollie going to the market

7 days late into my resolutions but better late than never. Maybe not so much resolutions but goals.

I have been a SAHM for close to a year. Having and raising a kid sure can make your body take a beating, mentally and physically. I don’t think I have ever procrastinated more in my life. Haha. So I decided that 2013 needs to be the year I pick alot of shit up and actually do it.

I feel the need to set an example to Ollie and that means being more nurturing and patient with him. There have been times when my patience is tested..mostly when I am not feeling well and when I am tired. Especially these days, just when I thought Ollie’s routine has been more or less established and I was enjoying longer sleeps between night feeds, Ollie’s flu threw the spanner in the works. He is very clingy and would wake up 2 hourly to nurse to sleep again. Ayyee.

That asides, his signing has expanded quite a bit. He can now sign for “wait”, “milk”, “wash your hands”, “sleep” and “more”. The signing for “milk” really helped to know what he wanted and when he wanted to nurse.

I also think that I need to spend more quality time with him. We spend the whole day together but sometime he is left in the play yard whilst I do my chores and when I do actually join him in the play yard, I am on my phone or just sitting there with him.

On the personal front, Donald says I’m a starter and not a finisher. haha. Weeelll, I do agree with it to some point. When I start something, I really dig into it, and when life gets in the way and the novelty somewhat wears off, I don’t finish what I am doing *points to the stack of fabric sitting in the box*. So I am determined to finish at least one new bag a week. What am I going to do with the bags..I don’t really know yet. But we’ll see how it goes!

I also have a goal for us to eat healthier. Salads at least 3 time a week, and home baked bread for the weekends. More veggies and..more decent home cooked food. I haven’t been doing a lot of meal planning these weeks, cos with Ollie, I tend to do a one pot everything. I miss out on trying new recipes. And yes…I need to find recipes that uses what I already have in the pantry, rather than going out to buy more stuff to add into the pantry! Argh.

This year, it is a lot of culling and getting things done. So…watch this space!

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