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mummy milestones

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the first year of my life as a mother, milestones for Ollie was a major thing. I would religiously read books to find out what were the milestones that Ollie was supposed to be hitting, and then compare him against the guide. It kinda gave me a feeling of normalcy, like “phew, Ollie is meeting those milestones”. Or when he was ahead of said milestones, you know…being a mom, I couldn’t help feeling REALLY chuffed about it. Haha.

by the third year, I figured it shouldn’t just be about the milestones that the kids are hitting. There should be milestones for moms as well. And I bet there are some out there. You know, milestones like…

1) eating food that your kid just spat out, especially if it has only gone through like 2 chews in his mouth; or

2) being able to finish breakfast in one go; or

3) being able to go to the bathroom with NO interruptions; or

4) go through a day peacefully with no tantrums or crying; or

5) catching puke successfully with NO spillage on the floor. 

Ahhh..such is my life as a mother. With each mini successes, I unlock a new level of new high or sometimes, new low. Hahaha. But days like today, I look back at them and laugh, and perhaps beam with a wee bit of pride. Sometimes they are mini battles, but at the end of each battle, the kids and I walk out of it unscathed and we love each other a little more.

These days, the milestone I’ve hit is not pressuring my kid to be toilet trained. We have always just asked, and never pressured. It has lead to the day where he announced he had to do a poo and successfully did it on the toilet.

SCORE. Donald said to mark that date, 24 June 2014. Hahah. It meant so much to Daddy cos Daddy was the one next to him, encouraging him. Ollie did it again tonight, and Daddy was proud too.

Ollie has also started announcing more frequently that he needed to go on the toilet. But it has also started a whole new plethora of statements and conversations between Ollie and I. Statements like:

1) *stares at penis* “Why is there a hole?”

2) *farts* “What’s that sound, phhsh?”

3) “Ollie must point down.”

4) *farts again* “What’s that sound, pffbt?”

5) “A, B, C, D, E, F, G….” *sings at the top of his voice*

6) *looks into the bowl between his legs* “There is no egg inside!”

7) “All done. Ollie MUST wipe and flush”.

8) “No more poop. Can flush. Is not egg, is pang sai.”

One must be creative about how to respond, and oh..mummy can get pretty creative. Good grief. I was SO totally not prepared for that.

And then…there was that incident in the public toilet. *groan* Where he happily announced loudly who in his family had a penis and a vagina. Right. Thanks. I’m sure that everyone on the first floor of the library would like to know that.

But hey, now I’m prepared for that. Just waiting for round #2 when QT starts making statements like this too.



double milestones

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hey monsters,

yes, both of you. what is going on here?? are you guys up to no good??



I knew you guys were up to something when the two of you exchanged this look.

let’s start with you, Ollie. all of a sudden, you are randomly announcing that you need to go (do a wee). Or if I asked you if you needed to go, you would say ok. And in both situations, you would actually go on the toilet. Hmm, looks like you are ready for undies eh?

Well, yes..and no, Daddy’s undies do not go on your head. *sigh*

You also randomly started announcing that you had done a poo, in your own Ollie way. “*grunt*ooooooh, mummy, need wipes and change diaper!” hahaha. A little too late to get you to the toilet, but hey, that works. Little toddler steps at a time okay? No rush. For now, you can waddle around in your poopy diaper, whilst yelling/asking me for wipes and “change diaper!”.

And that spelling. Wow. You blew me away when you learnt how to spell “toilets” by heart in just 2 hours. Daddy pointed out the word to you on a sign at the airport, and you recited the letters out. And the rest was history. Now, mummy’s going to teach you how to spell “library“. muhaha..cos that is going to be one of your favourite places to be at. =P Yar, of course. Now that you know how to use the word “favourite” too.

And you, young man. Yes, you, Quentin. Did you just like decide that you will flip yesterday??? *throws hands in the air*

I’m proud of you, don’t get me wrong. I had been worried about your progress..cos you were born 6 weeks early. Your 哥哥 had been able to flip at 3 mths and here you were..already 4.5 mths old. But hey, taking away the 6 weeks, you are pretty much on par. So yay! *high five*

You had been giving me signs when I have been guiding you to roll to your tummy by pulling your hand. You were slowly getting less reliant on me pulling you and using your stomach muscles to help you roll. Daddy reminded me that those nights you were nursing every 2-3 hours were just advanced warnings you were going to surprise me soon.

But both you and 哥哥 at the same time?? What is this, post Mother’s Day present? Hahah. Well, thank you then. I am very pleasantly surprised.

Time really flies and almost half a year has gone by. Both of you are doing very well. And I’m proud. Thank you for letting me be your mum. It is my privilege and I love you guys.



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Oh hai.

At 2 months, QT finally fits into the 0-3 mths pjs. I figured it might be time for him to switch from the newborn pjs to the 0-3 mths when his feet couldn’t really fit into the sleepsuit.

Has it only been 2 months? Compared to handling Ollie when he was a newborn, this sure feels like it has been ages. Must be the lack of sleep haha.

The boys are growing fast. I know, I contradict. Time is passing slow, but the boys are growing fast. Go figure. QT is filling up into his clothes. He is sooooo chubby that I can’t resist pinching his cheeks. He is still pretty old soul. He occasionally gives you that rare smile. Otherwise, to put it in a friend’s words “he is so zen!” Yep. That’s my old soul monster alright. He is pretty strong, with lifting up his neck and kicking his feet. I reckon he pretty much “stands” when I lift him up against me when I am seated. He’s got a mean kick too. *grumble*

And then there is Ollie. He has gotten to speaking with specifics. A couple of days ago, Ollie stepped on Marcus’ tail (again) and this time I am guessing it annoyed Marcus enough for him to give Ollie a swipe, resulting in a couple of scratches. So when told to recount what happened to Donald, he said “Marcus bite you (me) on the left leg.” I am impressed. I do not know where that came about, but I am impressed. *pride*

I guess Ollie is also starting to be aware about the attention being shared between QT and him. I feel guilty about not spending too much time with QT. I mean all he does at this time is really eat and sleep. There are the occasional hour or two that he is awake, and I sometimes place him on the play gym for some tummy time or to watch the mobile. The rest of the time is spent with Ollie. And Ollie, in that attempt to be noticed, would build/construct something out of his blocks and then come and get me if I am in the kitchen or away from him.

“Mummy come see! Hold hands. Mummy hold hands and see.” He would no longer settle for a “oh really? That’s awesome”. I had to physically follow him, holding his hand and sit with him (“mummy sit here.”) and examine said construct. It is endearing. And I am humbled by it. I read an article recently about praising/overpraising a child. One of the points was empty praise. You know, saying for the sake of saying it. I am definitely guilty of it, especially when I am indulging in some mobile phone time. Just to get him off my back. I have been trying to change that, and take more notice of him and what he is doing. And we have been having some better times.

There are still that occasional 2-3 smacks he gives QT. It really shits me but I am trying so hard to not give Ollie a hard time about it. I am torn between not wanting him to feel isolated or threatened by QT versus yelling at him to get him to stop the behaviour (and potentially worsening the situation). Poor QT would wail for a bit post smack and after being picked up by me. I know he probably wouldn’t remember the incident but I feel so bad for him, that I am not being able to protect him much from his older brother.

Argh. Damn you, guilt.

May be it is because a couple of friends have mentioned that my boys are growing up really fast, that I have taken a second look at how they have been progressing. I mean..it is already mid-April. Almost 1/3 of the year has passed.

Damn you, time.

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