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le chats and Avatar

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Caught Avatar 3D with Rachel last Tuesday. We left the cinema reeling. haha. It was awesome. The animation, and the effects, and Pandora! Just saw the making of Avatar as well, and saw how far cinematography has come in the last decade. The technology used just blew me away.

Wouldn’t mind watching Avatar again. hehe. I think I need to take my husband out on an Avatar date when I go home in a couple of weeks time. =D

the weather has cooled down a little, especially at night. We had rain last night, which was pretty crazy. It rained for like 10mins, and then it was over. Well, better than nothing I guess.

With the hot weather, there’s usually a game of hide and seek when I’m at home for the entire days. Most of the times, they are in the same room as me, just a matter of finding them. Today was no exception. Marcus was in sleeping in a box too small for him, as usual. But I couldn’t find Thomas.

He wasn’t in the bathroom, nor in the bedroom. When I finally found him, he was under a stack of chairs in a corner. It doesn’t help when he blends in with the flooring. Doh.

I’m really glad we are taking them home to SG with us. Just a little worried how the in-laws are going to adjust to them. Was cleaning the house yesterday, and the amount of fur around the house is ridiculous. I’m guessing it’s only THAT bad when there’s carpet around. The wooden flooring isn’t that bad, and a sweep using the static wiper and it’s alright. But I think we’ll still find litter around the house. I have NO idea how it keeps appearing around the house. Gaah. We are considering a different type of litter that won’t fly around, then again we’re really happy with the pellets…so yeah.

Just thinking, my cats are SO privileged to be able to take a flight. And their ONE-WAY ticket costs more than the return fares for both Donald and I. Okay, granted it includes import/export permits, vaccinations, health checks, paperwork..etc. But still..*grumble* Oh then again, they don’t get to eat. so haha. No in-flight entertainment, and no meals.

Right. Gotta get back to work now.

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long weekend

good ol Queen.

*laugh* that’s what Dan said when we were talking about the upcoming long weekend, with Monday being the Queen’s birthday. And then we had a moment saying ‘God save the Queen’. hahaha.

Gonna be chilling this weekend. Donald and I have been catching up on sleep for the past couple of nights. Bedtime at 8.30pm just so that he’ll get enough rest for his morning shift at Ikea. It doesn’t really help me, cos I’m up at 6am..and then going back to sleep, and then waking up..etc.

Definitely going to catch up on my gardening. It looks APPALLING! Compost going in, and then some soil and blood and bone. Can’t wait =)

Probably going to have to start on some of the wedding preps for the wedding in Singapore. A month long celebration! haha. Currently waiting for more photos to come in. I’m gonna be compiling it into an album hopefully! Sam’s got an awesome shot of us laughing whilst the bridal party were giving their speeches. It can be seen here.

Gonna go watch Up 3d again today I think! Guess who’s gonna have ice cream for a free Gold Class upgrade? haha

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yay, finally getting through the pile of post-its. nothing new tho, just putting up posts of the previous ones (#41 – #65)

took a sickie today cos i had such a bad headache. felt much better in the arvo and half contemplated going back to work. meh. in the end, i thought i’d be better off resting up than go back and getting sick again. this whole flu/cough/headache thing has been coming and going. REALLY annoying.

anyways, off to finish watching ‘Singapore Dreaming’. Donald reckons that’s a horror movie. haha.

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