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t-minus 70 mornings - cloudy sunrise (16 Nov'11)

have been doing a mini countdown to Oliver’s arrival by taking daily photos of that morning’s sunrise, and if possible, the setting moon. This is only made possible when I’m on the bike. It’ll probaby stop somewhere late Dec cos I’ll be grabbing a lift in a car..and well, I don’t think I’ll get decent photos.

We are officially at 30 weeks. Fetal activity is going mad. Sometimes it’s funny, watching the tummy wobble (like the jelly in Jurassic Park when the dinosaur stomps around). Sometimes it’s awkward only because I don’t know what to make of the feeling. There are mornings when the moving around gives me a panic attack at what’s about to come. I mean, we are going to be responsible for this little person called Oliver. Yikes.

We are up for another detailed scan on the 30th, where the ultrasound will be of higher resolution, and we’d be able to see the little feet, little fingers, etc. I can’t wait for that one. heh.

Apart from that, 69 more mornings to go. double yikes.

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traffic, school & keropok

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coloured sago keropok

finally, to add some colour into the blog. i know it’s been a little plain, with just text. =P the object in the photo is a container of sago keropok (“crisps”). there has been a keropok frenzy in the office, no thanks to me.

well, no thanks to my dad actually. haha. on one of the weekend visits to my parents’ place, I discovered a small container of keropok on my dad’s desk. it was the emping belinjau (belinjau crisps( that was coated with sweet chilli. it was sooo addictive, and it was a snack that I hadn’t had for ages. That sorta sparked a mini frenzy to look for those crisps. I know they were available, but it blended it with all the rest of the local snacks, it was a little hard to find. and when I did..it went downhill from there. haha.

I offered it to my neighbour, Azi, and to another Malay colleague, Erma, and we were snacking on it the entire day! When the container went empty, it was almost immediately topped up with another packet. Then another colleague brought it a different kind of keropok, and Azi bought some from Malacca when she went home for a visit. Then Erma went to Malaysia and she brought more variety of keropok back! The one in the photo is the latest addition. haha. Azi had bought me some raw coloured rice keropok, and they are yet to be fried, so it should be interesting to see if how they would puff up! My dad still hasn’t fried them y et =P

The whole thing about frying, sure brings alot of memories of the days when there were about 12 people living together in a flat, and keropok frying was just another weekend activity. All the hustle and bustle. I’d remember mama (my paternal grandma) dry-frying groundnuts, and then getting us to peel the charred skin off the groundnuts. These groundnuts would then go into a jar of ikan bilis (anchovies) and sugar is added into the jar as well. We would then shake the jar to make sure the sugar is evenly spread out. haha.

But yeah, my table is filled with snacks. People pop by my table for some snacks, mostly keropok, cookies and banana chips. haha. Azi is blaming me for her weight gain. I am afterall the unofficial F&B chargehand in my department. hehe. Mondays are delivery days, which means I usually look around for food places that have a delivery service and have them delivered to the office.

Mondays – Delivery Day
Tuesdays – Fruits Day
Wednesdays – Vegetable Day
Thursdays – Sandwich Day
Fridays – Anything Day

I’m pretty good with vegetable day..and delivery day and anything day. haha. The fruits and sammich days..aren’t really working out. Maybe when I move into our new place. =D

Oh yes, that theory about bad traffic when school reopens. I had a thought on the way to work. Actually I’d already thought about it before..just that I forgot. =P Now, can someone please enlighten me about why traffic is bad when school reopens?

Is it because parents are leaving the house earlier, cos they are dropping their kids off at school, and adding to the morning work traffic? (this refers to parents dropping kids off and going to work / going home)

 Or is it a fallacy thing, that everyone thinks traffic is going to be when school reopens so everyone leaves the house earlier to beat the morning traffic and ends up adding to it when there’s no bad traffic to begin with?


And that whole thing about the traffic, got me thinking about schools. There are the ‘good’ schools and the ‘not-so-good’ schools. What determines a good school, and a bad school? Do students perform dependent on how the teachers teach? Do the students perform dependent on the type of students who study there? How do teachers feel when they end up being assigned to a ‘not-so-good’ school? When does a not-so-good school become a good school?

I admit, I am a snob when it comes to schooling. Not for myself, but maybe my children in the future. Parents would want the best for their kids. So I think, I want my kids to study at the primary school that I studied in (I think it is an awesome school =P). Donald reckons we should send our kids to the school nearest to home, so they don’t have to wake up too early travelling to school (*points to Donald* spoilt brat =P). I’m a little apprehensive about the schools near our new place. I’m not saying that they are lousy schools, I haven’t studied there. But what if all parents thought that way, and all the not-so-good school needed was a smart kid to turn the place around? Or a really awesome teacher to turn the school into a good school?

Or is this all in our minds, schools are just schools. they are educational institutions and how your child turns out is not just dependent on the school, but how anyone allows your child to express himself/herself and learn from there?

Maybe I think too much about all this school stuff. It’s a good 5-8 years away. haha.

oh wells. =)

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june boom

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things will get happening in June!

May ended with a blast, a sore throat and a really bad headache.

June started with a lovely 20min morning jog with Donald , smooth traffic to work, and an awesome Indian themed lunch. I had a garlic naan and rogan josh, others had a chicken masala, mutton bryani, and heaps more. *beams*

These few days, we start our days a little earlier. It just made events a little cruisier (if there’s such a word). We left the house a little earlier on Sunday, just so we could have a lazy Sunday morning breakfast at the kopitiam near church. Mom joined us later and I got the balance of my chocolate orange cake back. haha. =P

The message at church was quite interesting, and there were funny bits to it. Thanks to the preacher, each time either Donald or I nagged at each other, or said something negative to each other, we’d say ‘please direct your complaint to the guy up there’ hahaha. What a way to difuse the negative energy, and then have a little laugh to ourselves.

Trying to get Donald into the mood for narrowing down the details of our renovations. Meh. I’m bent on writing it down, and he’s bent on wanting to just draw it out. *sulks* Ah wells. Maybe we’ll be in a better mood tonight.

Our latest routine is to set my alarm at 6am, wake up at Donald’s 6.45am alarm, and then start the day. I swear the 6am is for the cats to wake up and meow for food outside our door. haha. But as of June, the alarm goes off at 6am, I wake up, bum around and slowly wake up, wake Donald up at 6.25am, and off we go for a jog. Funny how a jog in the morning makes a world of difference for the rest of the day.

Hopefully the jelly belly goes away with all these jogging. haha.

Anyways, heaps of things going on in June. We have our first appointment with HDB next week (a BIG step closer to owning a flat!), my driving theory test, and a few other big decisions to be making as well. *bites nails* All involving money. =(

On another note, it’s pay day! Now…how should we go about spending it…? =P

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