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cleaning nazi..and then some

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mini model

mini model

ever since we did some basic baby-proofing of the apartment , we let Ollie wander around a lot more. He wasn’t happy to stay in the play yard, and I thought we might as well let him wander around earlier so that he will get used to the space and the obstacles.

the early days were fine. times when I needed to do some chores, I could still put him in the play yard. He would grumble a little but he would settle and read a book until I let him out around the apartment again. as his walking got more stable, Donald and I decided that we would fully baby proof the house and let him go. We used the gate/door of the play yard as a safety gate to the kitchen. this little monster does not understand the meaning of “hot!!” and loves to place his palms on the oven door. *grumbles*

So. this monster still drools a little when he gets excited. And he chews on his finger occasionally. And he has sweaty feet. The combination does not bode will for me. We have glossy floor tiles..and omg. The prints. *faints* I simply cannot tolerate seeing prints on the tiles. *sigh* And there is only so much mopping I wish to do a week. Without the play yard, it would mean I can only mop the floor when he is napping. Which also means no more free time for mummy. =(

A bit of searching online..saw us “investing” in a steam cum vacuum cleaner which I used once a week, and do regularly nightly water mops. Ju to remove the prints. Cleaning nazi much? Almost. While I get so iffy about the floor tiles, I close almost both eyes to the following:

– Ollie playing with shoes;
– Ollie playing with the wheels of his stroller;
– Ollie playing with the cats; &
– Ollie playing with cat food

all these followed by eating without washing his hands. Half of the time I remember and actually wipe his hands. The other half, I get so tired of chasing and saying “no!” to so many things he does, I sorta give up. There is only so many “no!” you want to say to a kid. Sometime I do a frown and he gets the idea and casually walks away from what he is doing. Sometime he tries his luck and persists.

And I’m just thinking…I want four kids. I will be doing this for another…6-8 years. Go me.

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