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it’s been a good one

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it’s time to grow up. aye, i reckon it is.

this year, i took a fairly long break to chill and celebrate my birthday. Was telling a good friend a couple of weeks ago, that I can’t believe we’d be hitting 30 soon. Not yet, but soon. With growing up, come responsibilities and commitments.

And hopefully with that, a bit more wisdom (bar the white hair thankyouverymuch).

the break started on 7th April, and will be ending by the close of tomorrow. BAH. But so far so good. I was fortunate that Donald was able to take time off from work to spend time together with me, and we took it easy. Late mornings, late nights, late lunches, brunches, early dinners, spa treatments, shopping, talking, arguing. =P

On Saturday, we had the very wonderful high-tea at Tea Lounge. Tea Lounge is located at The Regent Hotel Singapore, which is part of the Four Seasons group. Donald and I had been there once for a long high-tea (lasting from 1.3opm till 5pm). I had an awesome time then, just chilling with him. This time, we had it with my family as part of my birthday treat. Heaps of food, and two pots of tea later, we were stuffed.

Passionfruit souffle with passionfruit & caramel dressing

The rest of my family was still heading to my maternal grandma’s house for dinner!! Yikes. Us? We went home to take a breather before our mahjong session with Donald’s colleagues.

I foresee this mahjong thing to soon be a fortnightly affair?? hehe

Sunday, was lazier. Lazy brunch, lazy everything. I got into the whole gardening thing, putting a galvanised shelf outside the flat, together with the shelf that my dad made years ago.

previous herb garden set up in the kitchen

 Basically, moved all the herbs outside, repotted some new seedlings (roma tomatoes!) and planted some rocket & italian mix salad seeds. Really proud of how the seedlings are growing, and it has been a steep learning curve cos the winds outside have snapped one of my bean seedlings. =( So Donald had to be very creative in making some stakes out of metal hangers so that I could bind the seedlings to the wire. *beams* As of this evening, there are rocket seedlings sprouting out! I’m uber stoked. I love rocket!

But a little sad to say that the kitchen looks really bare now without the herbs to give it a little homey look. I am reconsidering bringing the smaller pots back into the kitchen again..maybe get my dad to build me another smaller shelf to fit in the kitchen. Hmm..

Cooked dinner on Sunday night for my parents cos we’ve been eating out so often I was starting to get sick of eating out. There’s just something nice about cooking dinner, with a storm outside. *grin* I cooked a dish that I last tasted about 15 years ago. Could have been more years ago, but my last memory of having that dish was aaaages ago. Recently found kachang botol (wing beans) at the neighbourhood market, but missed the opportunity to buy it, only to rediscover it at Tekka Market a couple of days ago. So, I decided to make a wild first attempt at frying it, no recipe to follow, and with totally random available ingredients too! Stole some rempah from the sambal prawns that I was going to cook that night, fried some dried shrimp, threw in some chopped garlic & the sliced wing beans, poured some of the water that I soaked the dried shrimp in, and…

hoped for the best. And this was the best I could do.

wing beans with chillied dried shrimp

Mom said it was good, so it must be good. haha. It was a first for Donald, not much comments from him except he’ll eat it if it was presented in front of him. Meh. -_-”

Today. The day I turned 29. It was a good day. *smiles* Started the day off with prata, then a spa treatment consisting of a massage & a scrub, and then Universal Studios Singapore. I made the promise to myself that I would take the BSG  roller coaster ride if I got the free tickets to USS.

We got the USS. We stood in front of the BSG. We watched a couple of rides go by. I know that it’s about 90 seconds long. It didn’t look that bad. I mean, I’m an adult, I should be able to handle this. Pffffpt. 75% up to the gates of the ride..my legs were quaking. I have NEVER taken a roller coaster ride before. WTH. I closed my eyes throughout the entire ride, and even though I couldn’t see, I could feel. Just typing about this is making my heart leap. Goodness. It was the longest 90 seconds of my entire life.

The BSG Cylon

I exited the ride with jelly legs, and I couldn’t bear to sit the BSG: Human. Donald happily went off on his own. After watching the ride from another point of view at the USS, I couldn’t believe I just sat through that ride. But boy was I glad that I sat through it with my eyes closed!! Else I probably would have been in a catatonic state. Seriously.

We bummed around USS for the rest of the day. Our entire theme park journey lasted about 3.5 hrs (thank goodness the tickets were free!). Caught a WaterWorld show, which was quite decent. The audio wasn’t too fantastic, couldn’t catch half of what the actors were saying, but effects were pretty cool. Overall, I probably wouldn’t go to the theme park again, though I had quite some fun.

Spent the last few hours of daylight at Vivo Marche, with a mushroom soup, rosti, and a sweet crepe between the both of us, and then it was home. Donald has to go back to work tomorrow, blah.

Me? I’ve got more buckeye balls to make, and some last minute shopping! *cheeky grin*

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PW anniversary

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2nd mth Perth wedding anniversary!

eh, we haven’t quite decided which date we should stick to. 2 occasions in a span of 3 days = not very good on the pocket. *laugh* but it came and went. for now, it’s a novelty. we’ll see how it’s like a year later for both days =P

kenneth was in town recently, and we went out for a meal at Sandalford Wines in the Swan Valley, with our Entertainment Book in tow. We got there a little early for lunch, so we ended up browsing in their shop.

We had:
an entree – Calamari Stuffed with Saffron & Chorizo Risotto, Black Olive & Parsley Salad, Lemon Vincotto

3 main courses –
1) Free Range Crispy Skinned Pork Belly, Maple Syrup, Glazed Butternut Pumpkin, Celeriac Remoulade, Whipped Goats Curd
2) Orange & Star Anise Braised Duck Leg, Grilled Truffled White Polenta, Savoy Cabbage, Citrus Salad, Lavender Honey and;
3) Grilled Goldband Snapper, Root Vegetable Pave, Confit Fennel, Olive Cheeks, Rocket Sauce 

and a side dish of hand-cut chips with aioli.

Can’t believe we skipped out on the dessert! >:O Ah wells, we were too stuffed anyways. Headed back to the city for some shopping, and looking around at juicers and frying pans *inno* Kenneth had us on a hunt looking for a shop that had a Havianas sale. He found the shop, but they didn’t have the slipper that he wanted. Spotted some really cute studs for the Havianas and bought one for Ken for Xmas. hahaha. $8 Xmas present. =P

Trying to get Kenneth to fly to over on Xmas day so that we can go queue for the Boxing Day sale. I’ll settle for the 27th I guess. BAH. haha. He’s bringing extra luggage to lug all sorts of rubbish home. =P Can’t WAIT!

Just like that, the weekend’s almost over. Back to a normal work week again! I think a 5 day work week and 2 days for the weekend is just perfect. Might not think so if I was anywhere else but Perth. haha, but we’ll see. =D

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