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Review: BioShield Body Protectant

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BioShield Product Range

BioShield Product Range

BioShield kiddie, 100ml & 240ml

Ever heard of the Hokkien phrase “lah sup jiak lah sup tua”? Basically goes along the line of you are what you eat. So if you eat unhygenic food, you would sorta grow up with an immunity towards it. But, well, that is the generation of our parents and grandparents.

These days, when we go out with our kids, we are armed with wipes. And not just wet wipes that you use for cleaning kiddos’ bums. You have a hand-and-mouth wipe, you have an anti-bacterial wipe, you have wipes for normal stuff, you have wipes for sensitive skin & butts. Good grief. To be honest, I am guilty of that. When we went to Melaka, I brought hand-and-mouth wipes, anti-bacterial wipes and normal wipes.

Oh, and hand sanitisers too. Just so we can sanitise our hands before we handled Ollie’s wipes. Haha. First time parents, what to do.

Then Ollie grew up and as all boys are, they grow up curious. And wanting to help do anything and everything, which is fine if it didn’t include getting distracted and wanting to do more than what is intended.

Ollie want to press the lift!
Ollie want to water the plants!
Ollie want to return the library books!

Ollie dropping the books off

Ollie dropping the books off

Ollie wants to do everything and anything. Argh. And then Ollie wants a snack and proceeds to put fingers in his mouth before I can do anything about it. Double argh.

Until I received a sample pack of BioShield stuff. Lab tested to kill 99.9% of most common germs which includes E.Coli, Salmonella, HMFD, Bird Flu. Zhun boh? And then a quick search about the product says “Lab report provided upon request.” No shit. Well, no harm in giving it a go.

I did do my homework, and checked out the ingredients. It is organic and the ingredients include Bioflavanoids, MQ-7 Vitamin K2, Ubiquinol (Coenzyme10), which are all stuff that can be derived from our bodies. Which means that it is very safe for us to use.

So these days, outings with Ollie would be a quick spray around his arms, hands/palms, and spraying on his hands to apply on his face. And he is FREE To go press anything he wants, followed by putting his fingers into his mouth without me squealing in horror. However, it also means that once his hands come out of his mouth, I’d have to wipe the saliva off and reapply.

Is it safe to be ingested? Well, he is still alive and kicking. The people behind BioShield also mentioned that it is safe to be ingested, except that it tastes terrible. Hahaha. We have been using the BioShield kiddie for about 2 weeks now, and I take the kids out regularly around the neighbourhood just for a quick walk almost every day. So far so good! Ollie is in the peak of health and he hasn’t caught a cold/flu/stomachache..etc.

What I liked about BioShield is that it is topical. Nothing to be ingested, just spray on. It is also non-greasy and very easily rubbed into the skin. It is also alcohol free. And when sprayed on, it stays on for 4 hours unless you used a wipe to wipe down or washed your hands. Which means you would need to reapply again. This means that you are protected for 4 hours, and not having to use a hand sanitiser to clean your hands AFTER you have touched something unhygenic or dirty. These germs DIE upon contact with your protectant layer.

I can see how this is going to be beneficial for the kids: when going to childcare or kindy, when going out, and when going on a trip in a confined environment like an airplane (omg..bacteria a-brewing). For now, Ollie just gets sprayed as long as he is out of the house.

Germs & bacteria be gone! *spraaaaaays*

BioShield Healthy Feet, 100ml

How many times have you used a public pool and then make sure that you will have your slippers on when you enter the bathroom? And then squeak and squelch your way out of the bathroom and hope to the high heavens that your feet will dry and did not catch anything contagious in the bathroom?

*kee chiu* (raises hands) damn gross feeling right?

That is until you discover BioShield Healthy Feet. After you finish showering, spray on a generous amount of Healthy Feet and then your feet is protected by it. It will kill those germs and bacteria that may be present in the bathroom.

And not only that! I am a sweaty feet sufferer. Wearing slippers is the best option for me. Put me in shoes like these fabric cotton ones..

covered fabric shoes.

covered fabric shoes.

and helloooo sweaty stinky feet at the end of the day. To further gross you out a little more, you know when you wash your feet and use your thumb to rub your soles AND you get dirt/dead skin or whatnots rubbed out..

Yar, that kind of feet. Well, sweaty feet odour happens because there is bacteria generating the smell. Sweat in itself is odourless. So let’s try out how the foot spray held up. I was going on a full day adventure with two kids, and left the house at 8.45am in the morning with the first spray.

0845am – 45 mins walk to the train station cos Ollie took FOREVER to follow me.
1045am – finally reached the other end of Singapore to meet up with a friend.
1120am – reaches friend’s place. Takes a first whiff of my feet. It just smells like my shoe. i.e., not sweaty feet stinky.
1230pm – leaves friend’s house, second spray cos I washed my feet to remove any dirt before spraying
1700pm – finally done with full day of walking, lunch and shopping. Finally sits down with the kids at the library. Looks quickly around, second whiff of my feet. Still smells just like my shoe. No sweaty feet stinky smell!! Do a quick 3rd spray on the feet.
2000pm – reach home after dinner with Donald..and this time I get him to smell my foot. Hahahahhaa. Okay he said it smelt like my shoe stinky, I take a 3rd whiff. Yar, shoe smell, but not sweaty feet stinky.

My verdict? Say byeeeee to stinky feet. I mean this stuff even prevents athlete’s foot! I reckon it is the way to go man.

Other ways to use it:

1) spray it on kiddo’s feet after a day at the waterpark (goodness knows what kind of water they use at the waterparks). Last thing you need is your kid getting some fungal infection on their feet;
2) spray it before you head to the gym or for a run;
3) spray it before you ladies go out for a day of shopping! (eh..mai shy hor..haha);
4) give a bottle to your army boyfriend / husband so you can save your nose.

BioShield U! for adults, 100ml & 240ml

This pretty much works the same way as the kiddie, except that the concentration level is higher to cater to adults. Very hand for moms when they go out with their children.

I mean, if I am dealing with a crying baby and you need to warm up some milk or shake up some formula, I reckon washing my hands would be the last thing on my mind. With a 4 hour window to protect your hands, you can skip a step, and head straight to sorting out kiddo. Spray this on myself means I am protected and I can spend more time being healthy looking after my kids. It also means…*looks around* I can also press lift buttons and then take out a biscuit for Ollie and give it to him without cleaning my hands! *gleeful* Okay, I know it sounds gross and damn unhygienic. I mean, if I touched dried pee sai or accidentally dugged my finger into the monsters’ poopthen of course is a different story lah. There’s one thing about being protected and one thing about ingesting said germified item hor.

BioShield Handsan, 60ml

Of course if you are looking for something for the hands only, and an organic alternative to the alcohol based hand sanitisers, then you can look at getting the Handsan. It’s a small enough bottle to keep around in the bag!

It’s organic, it’s a protectant and it has multiple uses. Damn value for money IMHO.

The range of BioShield products can be purchased from the following online stores:
1) Big Little Me
2) Bove (Suntec Tower 4)
3) Organic Eve (Tiong Bahru Market #01-81/82/82/83)

You can also request for a sample here!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of the BioShield range of products from AO&N to write this review. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.

Review: Little Innoscents

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Early last month, I woke up one morning to discover that Quentin had a mad rash around his cheeks, neck and behind his ears. It looked so aggravated and angry that I took him to the doctor’s the same morning. The doctor mentioned that it didn’t look like a rash from allergy so it was probably a heat rash.

Man..it sucks to be Quentin. He gets a bit of a blocked nose when he sleeps in an air conditioned room; but too hot and he gets a rash. FHL.

The rash around his cheeks gradually went away but the same can’t be said about the rash around his neck. It appears after his warm bath at night and in the mornings when he wakes and is taken out of my room. It wasn’t until I received a sample pack of Little Innoscents products. The pack consists of a hair & body wash, a soothing cream, a moisturiser and a vapour balm.

brightly coloured travel sized tubes (30ml)

brightly coloured travel sized tubes (30ml)

Little Innoscents is a brand hailing from Australia and their products are certified organic by the  Australia Certified Organic (ACO).  The founder of Little Innoscents, Antonette Golikidis, is a mother of two who developed this range of products in her kitchen for her children as she couldn’t find something that she felt was safe in the market. With her background in aromatherapy and health science, she understood what the ingredients stated on those products were and didn’t dare to use them on her children.

As a mom, I am constantly keeping a look out for products that are safe for my children. I have a history of eczema and God forbid the boys inherit those genes of mine. But with the rash developing on Quentin, I can only suspect this is the early stages of eczema. Upon receiving the pack, I thought I might give it a shot and try it on Quentin.

Organic Hair & Body Wash (Gel)
“bursting with essential oils of spearmint, sweet orange and lavender”

Organic Hair & Body Wash

Organic Hair & Body Wash

Some of the ingredients include Aloe vera juice, Sweet Orange oil, Sandalwood oil, Coconut

Now, when I read the instructions on the tube, it said that it could be used in a bath. So I happily squeezed a dollop into QT’s bath, only to see the same dollop floating around in the water and not dissolving. Whaat? Hrm, I squeezed another dollop and rubbed it on QT. It felt soapy but there were no suds. However, QT felt really squeaky clean, yet without being too overly squeaky to the point where his skin felt dry. I later came to know that the hair and body wash was Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)-free which was the reason why there were little or no suds.

How squeaky clean? You know how there is always residual diaper cream on skin folds around the groin that never seems to be able to come off? Yup. It ALL came off QT. I was impressed. No suds, and yet still clean. Nice. It definitely helped that he smelt awesome too, as though he had just gone through a spa treatment. The smell wasn’t too overpowering and he was comfortable with it too.

Organic Baby Intensive Soothing Cream
“helps prevent, manage and treat nappy rash and as well as allergies, aczema, dermatitis and insect bites”

Organic Intensive Soothing Cream

Organic Intensive Soothing Cream.

Some of the ingredients include Aloe Vera juice, Sunflower oil, Shea butter, Avocado oil, Rosewood Oil & Calendula extract

This was what sold me on the product. Remember QT’s rash? I applied it around his neck and as a diaper cream after his bath. The following morning, there was NO rash around his neck at all. His skin was all baby smooth around his neck! There were traces of there being a rash but it was not red and there were no bumps. Wow.

QT's rash progression (L-R: first discovery, before using the soothing cream, after using the soothing cream)

QT’s rash progression (L-R: first discovery, before using the soothing cream, after using the soothing cream)

The bonus part of the cream was that despite it containing shea butter (also contains calendula extract and rosewood essential oil), it was non-greasy. It seemed to be absorbed into the skin very quickly and leaves a non-greasy feel on my hands or on QT’s skin. The skin still felt very soft too. With his previous moisturiser, when he sweat after his bath, he would be all slippery and greasy. This was what probably aggravated his rash as the skin folds were trapping moisture. With this cream, even when he sweat, he could be easily wiped off without any residue.

Again, another great scent added on to him post bath. He can only smell better. Hehe

Organic Baby Moisturising Lotion
“scented with heavenly Ylang Ylang, it’s suitable for all skin types, including delicate newborn baby skin”

moisture rich body lotion

moisture rich body lotion

Some of the ingredients include Aloe Vera juice, Sunflower oil, Shea butter, Avocado oil, Ylang Ylang oil. 

Apart from the soothing cream, I applied this cream on the other parts of QT’s body. Again, this lotion did not leave a greasy feeling on both my hands and his skin. I didn’t need to squeeze out a lot of this cream. Just 2 small dollops of cream can cover QT’s 3-month-old body. He is quite big sized too, mind you.

Bonus? It has got my favourite essential oil smell, Ylang Ylang. Told you he can only smell better from then on. =)

Organic Baby Vapour Rub Balm
“a winter season essential, it brings warmth to the body and alleviates nasal congestion”

winter blues vapour balm

winter blues vapour balm

Some of the ingredients include Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Spearmint Oil, Valender Oil, Wintergreen oil, Rosemary oil, Eucalyptus oil, Peppermint oil and Lemon oil. 

In Singapore, when we talk about vapour rub, we often think of one brand. I use it fairly often on Ollie especially when he has a cough. We rub a little on his chest and back, and on his feet. It has some effect, though we often worry about how pungent the smell may be to his nose and how too warming it may be on his skin. They do have a baby version but upon smelling, I don’t think it has much effect on anything. Bleh.

So when I got to this tube, I was very very curious about how it would smell and feel. The balm has a mildly green kinda smell to it (eucalyptus and wintergreen essential oils are amongst some of the many essential oils in this balm), enough to give your nasal passages a kick but in a very gentle, subtle way. When Donald applied it to my shoulder, it had a slight warming effect, which would be gentle on Ollie’s skin.

I really liked it, considering there isn’t a lot of alternatives on the market for a vapour rub. When going through the ingredients, I was amazed at how many other essential oils there are in it and no chemicals. Just essential oils and beeswax. This is definitely a keeper in my kiddie medicine cabinet for the boys.


Where can I find Little Innoscents line of products?
You can purchase them at All Things Organic and at Big Little Me

How do I know if the products are really organic?
Little Innoscents products are certified by one of the world’s leading organic certification bodies, the Australia Certified Organic. So you have no worries about the products not being organic!

Disclaimer: I received a sample pack of the Little Innoscents product range from All Things Organic to write this review. All opinions are solely mine and are written as objectively as possible.