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Perth Royal Show
Perth Royal Show 2009

[Edited: Photos from the Perth Royal Show are up. Click here]

 28th September 2009.

We had been married for 8 days. Not that it made much of a difference really. haha. It was the Queen’s birthday in WA, and we got a long weekend. CJ had just returned from camping down south and we thought we should head to the Perth Royal Show to regain some normalcy in our lives after the wedding.

The day started early, at 9.30am! and gloomy. We were determined to set off as early as possible to get a decent parking spot close to the Claremont Showgrounds. Donald and I went to the Royal Show 2007 (I think!) and we remembered people living nearby were flogging the grass verge in front of their houses for $10 to park. I guess a good way to make up for the inconveniences they’d have to put up with for the week long festivities.

This year, with CJ in tow, I was determined to get to play some games at the show, however exhorbitant, as all games are at carnivals/fairs etc. I tried getting Donald to win me something. Well, he tried. What looked like a really easy ladder to climb wasn’t that easy after all. No tricks, just need alot of  skills (which Donald obviously didn’t have haha). =P

The weather picked up a little throughout the day, and we were off looking at animal shows, people milk cows, pet some animals at a petting farm (I got to cuddle a ferret!!), see some performances at a small theatre and sample HEAPS of dairy products. The boys basically had their fill at the dairy pavillion with free ice cream, yoghurt, and iced coffees. Who needs breakfast when you can get a free brunch?

And the show bags. Good lord, the show bags. What are show bags? Well, one of the major attractions of such shows are these little goodie bags called show bags. They are goodie bags from various confectionary companies, Cadbury, Moorish..etc. You get a small pack of various kinds of snacks from one company, and they cost a little lesser than what you’d pay for if you bought them individually at the supermarkets. You’d usually get a little extra something in the bags, like a blowup bat, or a bag, or stationery etc. I bought Nerds showbag this year. haha. All that sugar is going straight to my thighs. =P Well, some of it anyways. I gave the rest to two little girls that are very close to my heart!

You’d have thought, 3 grown-ups at a show. We probably wouldn’t do much and head off after lunch. We actually spent a good 8 hours at the show. I can’t believe we spent that much time there! It was good though, some time to wind down before I headed back to SG. Both guys had a field day taking heaps of photos honing their photography skills, whilst I had my fill being the kid and wandering around buying junk food! hehe.

Aye, not the kind of thing to do yearly cos such outings cost alot, but worth the company this year! When are you moving to Perth, CJ?? hehe

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