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sometimes I get free time to myself whilst Ollie is entertaining himself, I get many random thoughts. Bizarre random thoughts. Today I had one of these moments. Hah.

Random thought #1 : dammit..gonna have multiple pee sessions in the arvo.
I have been cooking rice porridge for Ollie for the past couple of weeks or so, upgrading him from his oatmeal + breastmilk combo to more foods with texture. The thing about me is that I can be lazy..or I would like to say I want to fully utilize the appliances that I have at home (excuses…). Our rice cooker has a timer function which makes it easy for me to cook porridge, except that the damn cooker doesn’t allow me to cook porridge with less than half a cup of rice. Which means after scooping out Ollie’s portion for lunch AND dinner, there would still be a bowl enough for me. Which means, I have to be really strategic about what I do in the arvo because rice porridge contains LOTS of liquids and I imagine I would be making a few trips to the toilet.

That..and I’m gonna have porridge every day for lunch as long as Ollie is on rice porridge. FML.

Random thought #2: I wonder what he is saying about the stuffed monkey (whilst watching Ollie from the kitchen)
Ollie can be fairly nice to me, letting me do my stuff most of the time whilst he is jabbering away. Just earlier, I was watching him from the kitchen whilst doing the dishes, and I saw him grabbing his stuffed monkey and jabbering to it before putting one of its limbs into his mouth. Which made me wonder if baby babble was a language, what was he saying? He would alternate between shouts, jabbering & shrieking.

Must be some helluva story he is telling the monkey.

Random thought #3: damn you brain!!
Yes, damn you brain!! *sigh* now that Ollie is eating more solids, his feeds for breastmilk has gone down a bit. In fact it is really hard to gauge how much he is actually drinking now. He still wakes about twice a night for feeds. With the feeds going down, it means that I am not losing the same amount of calories as I was before.

I remembered eating half a tray of Tim Tams in the middle of the night whilst expressing, or after feed. Crisps or chocolates for a snack, and I was still losing weight. Despite still weighing below my pre-pregnancy weight, I gained a kg. Nooooooo. Which means I need to start cutting back on the junk food. Nooooooooo. =( I have been slowly clearing the junk food in the house, so that I don’t have any lying around and I won’t have any left to eat. (that’s what I tell myself, so shaddap. =P)

Who would have thought junk food withdrawal symptoms would be so bad? Thankfully I had cut up some vegetables last Saturday, anticipating the day it would come to this. *sigh* Hello broccoli, carrots & cucumber. It wasn’t so bad. And still feeling a little peckish after lunch, I cut up an orange, and it was better.

Now excuse me whilst I hide my head under a pillow cos I still hear the call of a Rocher calling me from the fridge!

And damn you brain again for not letting me get my uDivine App massage chair!! Osim, you want to sponsor me one??

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