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Books, books & more books!

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Okay, mummy is a bookworm, therefore she will try to instill the love for reading to the boys.

So far, so good! Ollie loves “reading”. And when I mean reading, I mean him going through the pages quietly, and maybe some reading if he recognises some words. I started him off with a couple of board books that I got from the Popular book fair, and then from Book Depository, to a mad crazy book spree when we went to the United States last year…and then discovering Amazon.

Oh Amazon, oh Amazon. Thou art an evil thing, especially when you introduced free shipping to Singapore when you spend USD$125 and above on eligible items. Argh.

Anyways, Ollie’s recent favourite books are the Look & Find series.

Look & Find books

Look & Find books

Basically, you will have a panel of items that you are supposed to find in the picture. They are usually themed, like places of interest, festival, colours..etc.

An example of a theme in the books.

An example of a theme in the books.

Ollie would spend ages on the books. And it is a great way to engage with Ollie, and teach him new stuff, like telling him what a fire hydrant was, and what it was used for. It was brilliant! When he got the hang of it, I could pretty much leave him to his own devices to look for the items himself. Not sure if he memorised it but hey, it would be A LOT to memorise, going through the whole book.

There is a deviation to the series as well, where the reader would have to spot the differences between the two pages. I tried it with Ollie but he didn’t seem to interested or it look him a really long while to spot the differences. Too long that he lost interest in it. Hahaha..too advanced level. Maybe later eh?

So this mummy….went online shopping again and we’ve got another book on the way! This time it is the Nickelodeon: Team Umizoomi: First Look and Find book. He loves watching Team Umizoomi on tv, so I reckon he is going to be stoked!

If you are a Singaporean and are looking to purchase these books, the following are eligible for free shipping (only if you hit the USD$125!):

1) Sesame Street: Elmo Look and Find Series
2) Elmo & Friends (My First Look and Find)
3) First Look and Find: Elmo’s Potty Book


Ollie’s pace

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Ollie's keys made by Daddy Ting

Ollie’s keys made by Daddy Ting

these days, the monster is growing up so quickly that I want to document everything there is about his growing stages before I forget them. Sure, I’ve got Quentin to remind me next year all over again..but he may be another unique kid on his own. Haha.

Ollie loves imitating what we do on a daily basis. Taking off his pjs himself, slipping into his shoes standing up, wanting to feed himself, wanting to drink from a cup, wanting to press the button for the lift, wanting to open the mailbox and main door with keys, wanting to buckle himself up in high chairs and car seat. Doesn’t help that his favourite bedtime book is titled “I Can Do It“, so when he wants to do things himself, he will say “I do it!” We have been trying to get him to say “can”; he can pronounce it, but we figured the maximum number of words he can say in a sentence is 3 words. Good enough I reckon.

Because Ollie takes my keys sometimes and has somewhat scratched the main door and walls with it, Daddy Ting has decided that enough was enough and that he would make Ollie a pair of his own “keys” complete with a key chain. Hahaha. So off Donald went using putting holes in wall plugs so that it could slip into the key chain. Ollie was stoked. His very own set of keys! Now…what to do with it? It was his “car” keys, house keys and even mailbox keys. I made the “mistake” (you know what I mean…) of letting Ollie take the keys out with us on a regular trip to the market and we took double the time to walk.

Aiiiiii. Ollie would try to “open” or “lock” every door that he saw, attempt to put it in any key hole that he came across. I threw in some sound effects for good measure and he had a ball. It did mean I didn’t have to carry him tho. Win-..win situation I guess. But for now..those keys stay in my bag! Heh

So it’s detox week this week again! YAAAAY. Ollie and I have been busy with playdates and had his maternal Great Grandma & Godpas drop by for a surprise visit. It only meant that this mama gets to spend lesser money too! Double yay! And it also meant we could spend the weekend chilling away as a family.

Today, after picking up a freebie in town, we figured we would stop by the Ben & Jerry’s Chunkfest 2013 happening nearby at The Promontory. I mean, an ice cream festival. Need I say more?? We were going to head in when Donald saw the condition of the grounds, all muddy from the rain earlier in the day. Being the OCD cleanliness freak he is, he got turned off by it and decided that he and Ollie would walk outside whilst I headed inside to check things out. Managed to get a scoop of the Candy Bar Pie & Americone Dream each, some of the flavours brought in from the USA for this festival. Yuuuum. Also scored a free sample of the Couch Potato. Double yummms. Both scoops had Ollie’s stamp of approval. “dum i crim peas?” (some ice cream please?)

We then took a stroll around the area, Ollie running free and picking sticks and leaves and what nots. At one point, Donald was telling Ollie, “come on, let’s go!”  (tho he said it to see if Ollie would follow us or just wonder off on his own) when I thought, hey, let’s do things at Ollie’s pace and let him do what he wants to do, seeing that there wasn’t much of a crowd and there was ample space for him to run around. 

comparing sticks

comparing sticks

So off Ollie went, picking sticks and leaves and poking them into the gaps between the tiles, into holes in the manholes. He got a little fascinated by the road sweeper with his big sweep. He ran up to the Marina Bay City Gallery sign and was happily reading the letters out one by one. It took us about 45 mins to walk that distance but we were good. It was at Ollie’s pace. Sometimes I think we forget that the toddler’s perception of time is so much different to ours. And it was nice to watch him run around and do his thing.

Ollie has been pulling some really long-ass sleeping hours at night. Not that I am complaining, we get the bed to ourselves for a longer time! Usually Ollie is asleep by about 8pm, and fusses awake at about 2am. Donald will then bring him over to our room and we sleep till about 7 – 7.30am. But for the past two nights, Ollie slept till about 5am before waking and was being brought over. He would then sleep a little more, waking up at the usual 7 – 7.30am. So some really very nice hours. HOWEVER, this morning he woke up at 6am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. -_-” He did however go down easier for a nap in the afternoon and slept for about 2 hours whereas putting him down for a nap has been a nightmare for the past couple of days and he would only sleep for 1 hour.

Argh…what a trade off. Longer sleep at night, lesser nap time, and possibly earlier waking hours. *scratch head*. Just what is going through your brain, Ollie? Whatever it is, I hope I am not jinxing myself. *sigh* It has only been two nights…*hopeful*