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Food overload

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This week has been a fairly decent week with food. Abused the oven a little and decided that I had to learn how to cook a decent alfredo sauce.

supposed clones of the FA choc choc chip cookies

supposed clones of the FA choc choc chip cookies

Started off the week by deciding on a recipe posted on this blog, about cookies tasting like Famous Amos cookies. You know..there are loads of these recipes floating around the internet and it was hard to sieve out what sounded credible and what wasn’t. The quantity she posted sounded reasonable (there were recipes stating that you could get over 200 cookies). I wasn’t about to spend my Sunday morning making amendments to make lesser cookies. =P So I gave it a shot.

I tested two cookies first before I went ahead to bake the rest. I found that they were quite sweet, which wasn’t surprising considering the amount of sugar that went in. I had added about 1/2 cup of dessicated coconut as recommended by some other sites, to make it taste more like the ones from Famous Amos. I also added about 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder to give it the chocolate colour. The cocoa powder seemed to take the edge off the sweetness, which made the cookie a little more-ish without it being too sweet. Putting it in the fridge to harden it a little seemed to help give it a little bit more of a shape than a flat gooey one.

Guess this would make a decent Xmas gift to hand out this year! Bonus, Ollie gets the offcuts haha.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

It was Daddy Ting’s birthday on Tuesday, and I wanted to sort of bake him something that meant something to us. I remembered that we have raved about the key lime pie at Morton’s both in Singapore and in Houston. So I thought I would bake him that, though finding key limes here in Singapore would be interesting.

I found some large limes at NTUC and decided that they were a better choice that the tiny ones that we would use for sambal stingray. I mean, how many of those tiny ones would I have to squeeze to get decent juice for the pie?? I also had no idea how big key limes were and basically hoped for the best with the 6 limes that I had in that packet. Haha. I scoured around the internet for a recipe that seemed easy and would not send my blood sugar way up high. I quickly decided on this recipe from the BBC GoodFood website. Look, I have no qualms about using any recipes from the BBC GoodFood website or any of their printed magazines. I have used several of their recipes and have been happy with the results. No questions asked! Heh.

It turned out not that way I would have envisioned it, like the one from Morton’s, a more yellowy coloured filling but it was tart enough, with a hint of the condensed milk. Very light filling. The pie crust was a bit of a fail. I used digestive biscuits which I did not have enough off and ended up using Ollie’s Cheerios to supplement the shortfall. Haha. Hey, it kinda worked okay. I was looking around the house for something that I could replace with and Cheerios was the closest. I’m sure Ollie didn’t mind.