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when the kids nap

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it was really one of those SUPER rare days where the kids decide that they would take an afternoon nap.

*GASP* yes! And when they do, we can do some fun stuff in the evening rather than rush it through in the afternoon with two half-sleepy kids! So this time, after a long hiatus from the Changi Airport (no thanks to MERS), we decided that both the boys could go to the airport.

Oh, Ollie was delirious. When we got nearer to the airport, he couldn’t stop looking out of the planes.

mummy! see! Singapore Airlines! ….wait wait, I show you the even bigger plane! You see, there it is! Are you seeing, mummy??’ 

o hisashiburi des ne. Ollie has really missed the airport A LOT.

We had a quick dinner before taking the kids to the viewing gallery, and then landing at an exhibition, ‘Singapore’s Economic Miracle‘, organised by Singapore Economic Development Board, International Enterprise Singapore and JTC. 

Singapore's Economic Miracle Exhibition

Singapore’s Economic Miracle Exhibition

To be honest, we didn’t think too much of it (too much SG50 overload). There weren’t much people around the exhibit. A volunteer approached us to participate in an activity which would require us to answer some questions based on information provided in the exhibits. And we could collect a goodie bag after completing the questions! *auntiemode on*

Sure, why not? ‘sides, we had time to kill and who knows, giving the kiddo a mission to find some answers might pique his curiousity. Except that it didn’t..all he wanted to do was to doodle on his answer sheet. So this momma had to chase an 18mo (who was ‘no no noooooooooooh’-ing all the way as I occasionally dragged his arse around the exhibition).

And to my surprise, the exhibition was chockful of information about how Singapore grew economically. There were exhibits of 老字号,like Yeo’s, TANGS, Khong Guan; exhibits about how shipbuilding, trade and manufacturing played huge roles in Singapore’s early years; till to date, the newer local companies that are putting Singapore on the map.

The Straits Times exhibit

The Straits Times exhibit




A semi-submersible rig by Sembcorp Marine

Yeo's (soya milk anyone? =P)

Yeo’s (soya milk anyone? =P)

The kids had fun at the Khong Guan exhibit. I think QT was looking longingly at the HUGE marie biscuit, whereas Ollie was awed by how huge the ‘oreo‘ biscuit was. Of course we couldn’t resist posing with the huge biscuit tin (remember we could buy like $0.80 worth of biscuits from the market, and the shelves of the shop would be lined with tins like this?)


massive Khong Guan biscuit tin

'mama, can I eat this biscuit?'

‘mama, can I eat this biscuit?’

Upon completion of the questions, we collected our goodie bag, and Ollie had the opportunity to spin the wheel 3 times for some prizes! We won an umbrella, a Miracle tote bag and a car decal! We went on to take some photos at the photo booth.

Wheel of 'fortune'!

Wheel of ‘fortune’!

Hahaha, there were props to be used and we goofed around a fair bit as there wasn’t much people around as well (fortunately for us!). A series of photos would be taken, and then printed out into a strip.

photo strips!

photo strips!


That was not the end of it! These photos would then be made into an animated gift which would be then sent to your email. I loved it! When I received the email, there was even a link to convert the animated gif into a video so that you can upload it. Waaah, two thumbs up for catering to the social media addicts! Have to thank the crew (Sorry I didn’t get your names!) for engaging Ollie and encouraging him to try the various props. It is not easy to take photos of children and what more, getting them to look at the camera at specific timings!

A selfie is a must

A selfie is a must

the lovely volunteers!

the lovely volunteers!

The best part of the exhibition had to be winning the tote bag cos Ollie loved what came next!

You could customise the tote bag based on the stamps provided at the printing booth! Meet the patient duo, Sam & James. Sam attended to Ollie and engaged him throughout the entire session. He even added his own touches to the stamp of the Singapore Flyer (which was actually just an outline!). He asked for Ollie’s favourite colours and carefully drew cabins around the circle, before drawing some fireworks around it. Another two thumbs to these volunteers! BTW, these stamps are waterproof and will not smudge if thrown into the washing machine.

Ollie waiting patiently for his turn

Ollie waiting patiently for his turn

kor kor Sam drawing the cabins on the Singapore Flyer

kor kor Sam drawing the cabins on the Singapore Flyer

Sam & James, the artists

Sam & James, the artists

So..Ollie has a new favourite bag. Cos it has his name on it and only HIS stuff goes into the bag. *roll eyes*


nooo it’s MY BAG!

The exhibit will at Changi Airport T3 ends tomorrow (30 Aug) and will be at the Capitol Piazza from 4 -13 Sept! Go be part of the #SGMiracle!

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