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alter ego: auntie (Singaporean style)

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Hi, I would like to introduce you to my alter ego. My alter ego emerged when I had kids. I knew I had it in me but I never knew my alter ego was so passionate about what she believed in.

Meet Auntie Justine, Singaporean style. Let’s call her AJ.

The AJ in me is an auntie, true and true. At 32 no less. With two kids. Being a SAHM, I do have some free time and the free time is spent wandering around the neighbourhood with the kids or at the supermarket. That is the highlight of my week. Because we are on a single income, I don’t usually splurge like before I got married. I am a little conscious about my spending. So to make up for the shopping I do, I make sure that the prices that I get is low.

I am constantly looking out for bargains, to save a penny/dollar here and there. I compare prices A LOT, so much that I know what is a bargain and what is not. And when it is a bargain, I stock up. You should see the amount of diapers we have sitting in the spare room at the moment. Sometimes toilet paper and tissue paper too.

I spend enough to get several memberships and then “abuse” these memberships haha. A couple of freebies here, and a couple of freebies there. Birthday month discounts? I am there. Loyalty cards? Yup, got those too.

I shamelessly ask for help in collecting “points” to redeem heavily discounted items, even asking strangers too. I shop a fair bit online, okay, I shop A LOT online, cos overseas prices are lower than what I would pay for locally even with shipping thrown in, or the lack thereof to Singapore for Amazon’s case if you spend USD$125 or more. It is so hard to justify paying Singapore prices for some items when the US prices are half or less than that.

I shop at the wet market and stick to my regular stalls because after 4 years, I am reaping the benefits of it. They are flexi about the prices they offer me or they throw in some extras occasionally, whether meat or veggies.

I am not a penny pinchers. If we need to spend, we would. It is what I deem as worth it to pay. I would pay over S$150 for reusable diapers only because I believe I will save more than that by not using that much disposable diapers. That and saving the environment by reducing landfills. I would place a bucket under the shower to collect running water whilst it is being heated up by gas heater. I may end up saving only a couple of cents, but hey, a little goes a long way, no? I try to plant my own food, some herbs like thyme and basil, plants like chilli and tomato. It doesn’t save me much but it contributes some green to this concrete jungle and some oxygen too!

Now, there is no budget for chocolate and desserts. That is on a whole different level altogether. Non-negotiable.

So in the near future, you may see me blogging about some of the stuff that I purchase and the comparison of prices. Diapers especially when an Expo fair is involved (we use Pampers, Huggies & Merries). Homework, homework! Haha.

Till then, this is AJ signing out.

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