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Review: Mustela Stelatopia

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Update: 14/6 – QT’s skin at this point is unbelievably baby smooth. There are no signs of any redness, nor rough skin around his neck. The dry patches on his thighs have disappeared as well. There are still some rough bumps on his elbows but it has lessened compared to before using the cleansing lotion and emollient cream. It is pretty amazing, but I still have my questions about the ingredients.

A brief search on the internet told me that one of the ingredients, cyclopentasiloxane, is a silicone fluid. So obviously when I read that, my brain went in all directions and all I can think of is the word silicone. And Donald didn’t help when each time I told him to feel QT’s smooth skin, he said “each time you tell me to touch QT’s skin, all I can think off is that we are applying silicone on him.” Right.

Well, I have replied to Mustela’s request for a feedback on the samples and the team have read this review as well. The Managing Director, Denise Ang, has responded and said that she will get back to me regarding the ingredients. I would love to hear what she has to share about the products.

So stay tuned!


QT’s eczema is an 眼中钉 in his and my daily life. My mom said “wah…chubby also got downside.” -_-” *cue comparing Ollie’s baby smooth skin and QT’s chor puay (rough skin)*

At present, QT’s bath & moisturising routine involves using Sebamed Bodywash, Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream, Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream for his neck and QV Cream as a body moisturiser. The LI Intensive Soothing Cream has been keeping the eczema at bay. There are still that occasional day of redness when the weather is very hot, but otherwise it is manageable.

Recently, Mustela offered samples to the public via FB for their Stelatopia range. They stated that it was for babies with either 1) dry & eczema prone skin or ; 2) extreme dryness and pulling. Well..it’s a no brainer for QT’s skin right?

mustela's stelatopia for dry & eczema prone skin

mustela’s stelatopia for dry & eczema prone skin

first thought was…they are pretty tiny samples. How on earth am I gonna see results in a couple of days? Fret not, cos let Auntie Justine tell you why hor…

cleansing lotion

cleansing lotion

this is how much I need to use for QT’s face. Double that amount for his hair, double that amount for his legs, quardruple times the amount for his trunk and arms. Which means that tiny little sample could last QT a couple of baths and more. It doesn’t lather up with bubbles when I apply it on QT’s wet chubby body, but I do get the feeling like it is a little soapy. It is also fragrance free, and QT seems to come out of the bath feeling clean.

I am still getting used to this whole soap-free, fragrance-free thing when it comes to QT. Especially when I am so used to lathering up Ollie with bubbles to the high heavens and he comes out of his shower smelling…so nice. Argh.

QT, Y you have chor puay?? okay, mummy’s genes. I know I know.

On to the emollient cream that came with it.

emollient cream

emollient cream

the cream comes off a little watery, easily spreadable over the body. Yet when you rub it in, it seems to leave an initial slightly greasy feel to the skin. However when it has been rubbed in and dried off, the skin feels smooth and non-greasy. It actually feels moisturised. You know, the feeling on your face after you removed your face mask in an air-con room? haha. That kinda smoothness.

We have been using this for the past couple of days, and I am liking the results (click photo for bigger picture).

QT's neck over 3 days

QT’s neck over 3 days

Top Left (TL): 10/6 Redness due to using of QV Cream on the neck last week. QT was on the Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream for two days before the 10th & the redness was already dying down.

TR: 11/6 First use of cleansing lotion and first application of emollient cream.

BL: 12/6 Neck felt smoother and wasn’t as red / aggravated as before, skin seemed more moisturised and wasn’t flaking.

BL: 12/6 Red bumps doesn’t feel as raised and seemed lesser.

As mentioned earlier, I was using the Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream for QT’s neck. It worked just as well at the Mustela’s Emollient Cream in reducing the redness and keeping the eczema at bay. However, the emollient cream was able to smoothen the skin a lot more. It is something that i think is hard to see unless you felt it.

My struggle with this is the ingredients for these two products. I barely recognise half of the ingredients although it is stated that it is parabens-free, whereas I knew what the ingredients on the Intensive Soothing Cream was. On one hand I was leaning towards an organic solution for his eczema, on the other hand, it was really nice to feel baby soft skin on QT. Yup, this is coming from a mom who is using cortisteroids for her own eczema issues.

To give Mustela credit, one of the ingredients of the emollient cream is sunflower oil which is a wonderful gentle oil that works wonders on poor skin conditions. It is also hypoallergenic and is safe for babies as their core focus is on baby skincare.

I guess at the end of the day, it is a personal choice. I would be happy to continue using these range of products until QT’s eczema clears up.

Just another day in a mother’s evolving quest to solve this eczema riddle.

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