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Normal and random things that Ollie says:

On going to the beach or playground:
Ollie eat the sand. Om nom nom nom nom. So nice! (shows thumbs up)

On his new bed:
Donald: come, Daddy sleep with Ollie on your new bed
Ollie: no, Ollie sleep on new bed. Daddy sleep on daddy bed *points to the other single bed*

Mind you, we have been co-sleeping for almost a year now. Had I known how much a new bed would bring about independence, I would have bought it ages ago. Haha.

On the stuffed Elmo in the car:
Ollie: aaaahhh, Elmo bite my finger. So painful! Mummy sayang.
Me: oh dear, why would Elmo bite you?
Ollie: Elmo naughty, beat!

Uhh…a bit violent no? I do chide him by saying that I would need to give him a smack on his bum if he is cheeky. He has seen me smack the cats a couple of times when they get into trouble. Hmm, looks like I gotta watch my language!

Sex education (yes we start young):
Me: *using the ensuite in my room*
Ollie: mummy have penis!
Me: uhh no. Only Ollie and Daddy have a penis. Mummy is a girl, so I don’t have a penis. Mummy has a vagina
Ollie: *mumbles* Mummy has vagina.

Over dinner outside with the in laws, Ollie notices that his paternal grandfather is not at the table:
Donald: 爷爷 went to the toilet.
Ollie: 爷爷 has a penis
Me: *being the only one who caught it, laughed* yes, he has one.
Ollie: *a little louder* 爷爷 has a penis!
Donald: what?
Me: *sigh*

Methods to wake daddy up now that they sleep together in one room:
1) a smack on the face
Ollie wakes up, gets off his bed, walks over and smacks Donald on the face.
“Daddy wake up!”

2) offering spectacles
Ollie wakes up, gets off his bed, walks over, picks Donald’s spectacles and gives it to him
“Daddy wear spectacles”

On being put to bed:
According to Donald, he didn’t need to co-sleep with Ollie cos Ollie did not allow him to sleep on his bed. So all Donald needed to do was to lie in his own bed and waited for Ollie to fall asleep. It definitely doesn’t happen like that with me when I tried to put him to bed tonight. I was lying on the other bed when Ollie got off his bed and came to me.

Ollie:“Ollie sleep mummy’s bed
Me: okay, come up the bed then, and we’ll sleep together.
Ollie: dowan.
Me: well, then get back into your bed and sleep
Ollie: Ollie sleep mummy’s bed
Me: I’m already on the bed. If you don’t get up on the bed, I’ll pick you up. *then an epiphany, points to the bed I am lying on* who’s bed is this, Ollie?
Ollie: this one Daddy’s bed. Ollie sleep mummy’s bed in mummy’s room
Me: *finally getting it* sorry, you can only sleep in your bed

Just then Donald comes in and the rest is history. Looks like on Daddy can put him to sleep! Hahah. And the night ended with Ollie wanting to sleep in daddy’s bed.

There has been other instances where he has said more random stuff. However these moments elude me for now. I gotta keep writing those down for memories man.

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