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the two felines

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it’s been a while since I blogged about these two. being busy with Oliver doesn’t give me much to spend time with them. Enough time to feed them, pick up poo, and Donald changing the water in their water bowl, picking up poo and sweeping up their fur.



the only one sorta entertaining them is Oliver. Marcus would hover around when I am putting shoes on Ollie, and Ollie would pat him. The moment the shoes are on, Ollie is off to play with Marcus. So far, Marcus has patiently allowed Ollie to pat him roughly and tug at his tail without retaliating. Donald is not so sure and thinks that it is just a matter of time before Marcus strike back.

Knowing Marcus, he has a mothering streak in him. When we adopted Thomas, it was Marcus who was following Thomas around, grooming him and kinda making sure Thomas didn’t get into unnecessary trouble. Where Thomas would have a grouchy look when man-handled by Oliver, Marcus would just lie there nonchalantly.

But yes, to a certain extent, both boys have taken a backseat ever since Ollie came along. And I only realised how much a couple of days ago.

Just before we went to bed, Donald had casually mentioned that Marcus was limping. Who what? Limping?? I went out to have a look at his paws. Just as I took his left paw, Marcus let out a small growl of pain. Aye..same old problem except that it had gone a little too far. Marcus had problems with his claws. We do trim it and we do have trouble with trimming his cos we have all been casualties when trimming his claws. Marcus has really some really thickened claws and they tend to grow into his paws. One particular claw had grown into the paw digit and was causing him pain.

And it caused me pain when Donald tried trimming it and the paw bled. =( At the end of the day, they are still my boys. The same two boys who slept with us on the bed, entertained us and snuggled up to us.

Long story short, we left the claw as it was and made a quick visit to the vet the following morning. Finding cabs who would pick up passengers with a pet carrier is soooo difficult in Singapore. And pet taxis cost S$40 one way, or S$60 for a return trip. Fortunately we managed to find cabs to the vet. Total cost for the trip: S$12. Sweet.

S$56 later, Marcus got his claws trimmed, paw treated and gets antiseptic wipes twice daily. My cat is as good as new. =)

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