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Not sure if the kiddo is being cheeky with me these days…

Ollie: mummy, I want a cracker!

Me: come on..we are heading out now. Will eat when we get on the bus.

Ollie: are you sure? are you sure you want me to eat on the bus?? You sure I can eat on the bus?

Me: *distracted packing the diaper bag* yes, you can eat on the bus.

Ollie: noooooo, cannot eat on the bus! There is a sign that says *crosses his arms in front of him* NO EATING in the bus!

Me: ….

2) on phonics, we were playing a game during the train ride home

Me: *phonetically* Ollie, what is buh-ah-tuh?

Ollie: B-A-T!

Me: and what is that?

Ollie: BAT! Like bat (bad) behaviour (daddy Ting had just scolded Ollie earlier that morning for bad behaviour)

Me: hahahahha.


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1) How Ollie conned Daddy Ting

Ollie has been co-sleeping with us in our room lately. And Daddy Ting has taken to telling him he can only sleep in our room on special days.

So, when Daddy Ting was securing Ollie in the car seat yesterday:
Ollie: Daddy, is today a special day?
Daddy: *missing his son cos he slept over at my mom’s* Of course today is a special day!
Ollie: so I can sleep in mummy’s room tonight. *matter of factly*

Hahahahah. Good one, Ollie!

2) ‘you ask so-&-so lah!’

When Ollie asks me questions incessantly, it gets to the point where I will tell him to ask the subject in question, the question (eg., why don’t you ask The Wiggles?), applies to strangers we meet too.

On the way home from the supermarket, we pass the pet store.

Ollie: mummy, I want to see the guinea pigs!
Me:Ollie, come on, we gotta go. Remember I told you the guinea pigs sleep during the day? They are nocturnal animals. Nocturnal means they are awake only at night.
Ollie: why are they nocturnal? Why don’t they wake up in the morning?
Me: *about to reply, then I get interrupted*
Ollie: Maybe I ask the guinea pig.

Hahahahah. Good luck. I hope you understand guinea pig squeals, Ollie.


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Where phrasing matters.

The instruction to Ollie was:

‘You see the colour chart? You need to colour the numbers accordingly. So if you see the number 1, you colour it brown..etc etc.”

And well he did. Exactly what he was told. To colour the numbers accordingly. *sigh*

the colouring page in question

the colouring page in question