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rooftop waterpark @ Tampines1

rooftop waterpark @ Tampines1

obviously I must have been a little crazy to suggest to D that we take the boys to the waterpark.

well, Ollie and I had a pretty good day on Monday. I cooked early, we went to the library where he cooperated and had a pretty good nap in the arvo. So…why not the waterpark?

Backtrack a little, about the library thing. When we got to children’s floor in the library, I set the monster loose and told him to choose a book that we would read together. He randomly picked a book from the many shelves, and it turned out to be quite an interesting book which he thoroughly enjoyed. It is called Hello, Doctor
We borrowed the book home and we’ve been looking at it from so many different angles since. Maybe letting the monster choose a book is the way to go at the library. At least the choice will be absolutely random and it will force this mummy of his to be more open to the types of books that will attract Ollie.

So going back to the waterpark. I was trying to figure out how I was going to handle Ollie and QT at the same time and which stroller to bring along. The thing about living so near to a waterpark meant that I wanted to travel with as little items as possible and with more ease. Funny how I would be more willing to take the bulkier stroller with me if I was to be travelling further, say maybe town. Cos at least Ollie can sleep in the stroller and I can hang stuff on the stroller as well. Oh the logistical nightmare.

Finally settled on the lightweight stroller (easy for me to lift and chase a runaway toddler) and a backpack. And off we went on the adventure.

We got there a little earlier than D & E, and we had the entire waterpark to ourselves. Time to see how Ollie would react to unbridled freedom, well, almost unbridled. Me? I merely sat on a bench, with QT lying next to me and yelled instructions to Ollie.

QT tanning

QT tanning

It was interesting to just let Ollie go like this. And it seemed that despite giving him the freedom to run around and explore, he seemed to have boundaries. He did not wander too far, or if it seemed like he did, he would turn around and looked at me for affirmation or assurance. If I yelled at him to not jump into the wading pool for the fear of him slipping and hitting his head, he would oblige. It appeared that he would always make sure I was in sight. He would run off, do something and then also occasionally run back to me to tell me what he did.

What, too much freedom worries you, Ollie? Hehe.

D & E came along and then the two boys went mad. Going on slides, running amok, climbing up the see-saw that was a little too high for them, and barely making it sway up and down cos they were too light. Hahaha. All too funny.

pool buddies

pool buddies.

Waterparks have been a major thing for Ollie ever since we brought him to one. It has been surprising to me that more waterparks have popped up around in Singapore, and at malls no less. Seems like malls are now trying to cater to families and make it a one stop entertainment place. No complaints here! Plus it being free is a major bonus (apart from the one I know that is in Sentosa).

You can find waterparks at these:

Changi City Point
Tampines One
Gardens By the Bay

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