the monster tings

my world. 2014

my world. 2014

an almost 3 year old and a 10.5 month old.

These two drive me bat-shits some days. But they are mostly fun. Almost 11 months into being a mother of two, I think we are past the fine-tuning stages and are on our way to having a ball of a time.

Oliver is my loud, drama king who loves to sing, dance and pretend play. He loves to read, spell, count and draw. His imagination knowns no bounds. For now, it is all about trains, trucks and driving.

Quentin is giggle puff who thinks the world of his older brother. Only Ollie can make him giggle. When Quentin was born, everyone said he was so zen. And zen..he is definitely not. He is loud, opinionated and grizzly. Yes, grizzly. He growls and grunts. Just grizzly. He has awesome eyebrows that says EVERYTHING about what he is feeling at the moment. But mostly a giggly puff. So there.

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  1. My son about 2 years ago bought the Osim uEco Genius OS-6808 it was used not many times and now it show on the screen a spanner sign. It could not get started. I wonder what has it gone wrong and the cost of repair? Where can we sent the machine for repair?

    Thank you.

    Many regards.

    • You can take the uEco to the OSIM HQ at Ubi! They can service the machine but you would have to bring it down to the HQ. If I remember correctly, there may be a charge for an assessment. But do call first before you bring it down

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