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having been away for close to 5 years, and only being back for about 2 weeks to a month each time, I really do forget what it is like to live in a hdb estate.

HDB – Housing Development Board. The organisation/statutory board that handles the purchase of a flat subsidised by the Singapore government.

Living in a hdb estate, means living in a ‘tower’ about 20 storeys high, with about 6 – 8 flats on one floor. It means you can peek into the flat across your building and see what they are watching on telly. It means you can hear your neighbouring yelling at his/her kids. It means you can hear when the kids go to school, people leaving for work. It also means because of the high number of people there are living in this building, you can hear vehicles going in and out of the multi-storey carpark.

When I said I really do forget what it is like to live in a hdb estate, it is an unfortunate thing. I forget that for some reason, there is always constant renovation going on. Either to upgrade the building, or someone new has moved in and has decided that the flat they will be living in needs a makeover.

Well, if you are working 9 – 5, I guess it doesn’t bother you much. Reno doesn’t happen at night, so that’s good. But when you’re on a holiday like me, and taking an awesome nap in the arvo, you’d feel like killing whoever’s doing the reno. Good Lord.

Speaking of which, Donald and I have been looking at flats in Singapore. In fact, we just applied for one. Now it’s a wait and see situation. There’ll be a ballot and we’ll only get to choose the flat we would want if we are balloted. If not, back to square one. Fun times ahead.

Apart from that, he’s coming back in 3 days time! Yaay! =)

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