Was prepping some last minute orders, and the were all over me. Daddy Ting​ tried to help but the kids were having none of it.

Me: “Argh..why you guys no go find your daddy who loves you so much??”
Daddy Ting: *无奈*

Later, when I was putting the boys in bed, Daddy Ting had to do the delivery, and suddenly, Ollie sits up.

Ollie: Where’s daddy? I need daddy.

Daddy Ting & I had to spend the next 15 mins cajoling the kiddo to go to sleep and allow Daddy Ting to go do the delivery.

“Why you must go to work so many times? You go work and come back already. No need go work again”

It dawned upon me that..both of us are irreplaceable to the kids. Just cos mom is the favourite of the moment, doesn’t mean that dad isn’t a favourite.

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