1) Learning Mandarin

Recently I bought some Chinese flashcards and decided to introduce a few Chinese characters to Ollie a day.

Today, one of the characters was ‘土’. I wrote the hanyu pinyin, followed by the word for it in English.

Me: Ollie, this is ‘tu3’.
Ollie: *imitates me* 土
Me: great!
Ollie: just like dabahtu!
Me: whut?? What is dabahtu??
Ollie: dabahtu is rabbit!
Me: *pukes abit of blood* THAT is ‘tu4’!! 兔! Not 土. And is dabaitu! 大白兔!

2) Dissecting the movie Frozen toddler-style

Ollie: why Olaf never say thank you to Elsa?
Me: Whuut??
Ollie: Olaf didn’t say thank you! He should.
Me: *looks to hubby for some clue*
D: you know..when he got his own flurry…
Me: ohhhh

Take that, Disney. Your characters need to brush up their manners.

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