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I want to marry you cos I can’t wait to hear what you have written for your vows.
– 15/08

We went to see the celebrant last week to get some of our stuff sorted out: readings, vows, asking..etc. As we haven’t been married before, we’d no idea that there would be a selection of readings/vows for us to select from. (I thought everyone just sorta used the same..haha).

I think we spent about 2 hours there, going through each and every step of the ceremony, flicking through the piles of papers, and checking out which were the hot favourites (the celebrant actually does take note!!). Well…most of them just didn’t really hit home for me, and I thought we could probably do better searching on the internet for better readings. In any case, we selected one from the ones the celebrant had to offer as a backup.

Donald..is sorta adamant that we write our own vows. Which I think is fine..(but more homework?!). Writing vows aren’t as easy as I thought it would be. I might be better off just saying whatever comes to mind at that moment, but I did think being prepared was better than not. We gave each other a week after meeting with the celebrant to come up with vows, another selection of readings to choose from. haha.

Donald was working intently on his vows last night, and his speech this evening. I’m curious as to what he’s written for his vows. He wouldn’t show, and I wouldn’t want to peek either. He just wants to make sure I don’t pull funny faces (as I always do, i.e., cringe slightly, not in a bad way) when he’s saying it to me.

Must be in the mood.

Note to self: gotta get BM to pinch me if I start making funny faces. hahaha.

I’ve finished writing mine..but I’m not satisfied with it. Donald thinks there’s a competition going on about how long the vows should be. -_- Anyways, I reckon there’s gonna be a fair bit of editing, and probably heaps the night before, and then it’ll sound right.

About one month to go. *breathes*

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