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3yo inquisitivity

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So..we have come to this.

“Mummy, how come…”

It has started. It is tiring. Omfg. So.many.questions. And it gets amusing too, especially when it gets directed at Donald! Muhahaha.

One incident that happened recently: Donald had something in his eye and told Ollie to check it out.

“It’s a bit of fibre, Ollie” Donald explained, when things in the eye department was sorted out.

Later that evening,

Ollie: Daddy, you got fire in your eye?
Donald: fibre, not fire. No, there isn’t anymore *goes nearer to Ollie so he can check it out*
Ollie: the red fibre, Daddy. The red line.
Donald: ohh that is a vein. It’s normal for it to be red. Don’t worry.
Ollie: what is normal?

Hahah uhh how to explain leh?

And lately, Ollie has been asking us to identify if an object is male or female. *rolls eyes*.

Is the tv a boy or a girl?
Is the phone a boy or a girl?
Is mummy a boy?
Is daddy a girl?

*rolls eyes again*

So earlier this morning…

Ollie: is mummy a boy?
Me: no..mummy is a girl.
Ollie: and a girl wears skirt?
Me: yes, girls do wear skirts.
Ollie: then why mummy don’t wear skirt?
Me: well, would you like mummy to wear a skirt?
Ollie: no. Can Ollie wear a skirt?
Me: sure, if you want to. Do you want to wear a skirt?
Ollie: No! *runs off*

We do get these gender related questions every day. I guess Ollie is learning about gender differences and the societal rules that come along with it at school, seeing how they go to the toilet every hour. So far, when we are out, Ollie mostly goes to the ladies with me. He has only been to the gents..maybe 3 times in his entire life. Haha. When Donald recounted Ollie’s reaction to his first trip to the gents, I had a good laugh.

Ah..I reckon there’s more to come. And I hope I can answer his questions as truthfully and knowledgably as possible!

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