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a recipe that I'm thinking of trying!

a recipe that I’m thinking of trying!

See, I have shelves of magazines like these, that I lugged back from Australia, and then continued subscribing in Singapore. Real Living, BBC GoodFood Australia, BBC GoodFood Asia, Food & Travel, Xin Flavours. 

The only existing subscription that I have now is Xin Flavours cos it is a 2yr bi-monthly subscription. Got it cos I was in damn auntie mode and they were giving a free electric double boiler with the subscription. Hahaha too good a deal leh. Now I can double boil some soups in smaller portions!

I would go through the magazines and select recipes that I thought might be interesting and simple to make. One week, it would be all magazines in the month of Jan for even years, another week, it would be all magazines in the month of Aug for odd years. I would try and pick one recipe per magazine to try. Sometimes I would throw in a recipe book in the mix to cook from as well. Once selected, I would write down the ‘location’ of the recipe and the ingredients I would need to get in a notebook,and then decide when I would cook them base on the lifespan of the ingredient. If the recipe was awesome, I would put a note next to it to rate it.

breakfast for the kids one morning

breakfast for the kids one morning

It worked well in Perth for Donald and I. It worked well in SG before we had kids. It worked well when we had Ollie. It sorta slowed down when we had QT….

Then when QT turned one, meals became what I could whip up in the shortest time.

Special meals became homemade pizza (dough from scratch), spinach & ricotta pasta bake, or a Peranakan dish cos the prep is more extensive. The easiest dish had to be the babi sioh. Super special meals happened once a quarter properly. Or I would refer to previously selected recipes and used it.

feeling the need for something refreshing yet healthy

feeling the need for something refreshing yet healthy

But heck..I missed it. And I tmd am going to try and restart this again. Else my magazines are going to be collecting dust! Err..Peranakan dishes gotta wait. Making rempah is SO SO much effort! When we moved into our current place, I would make rempah on a monthly basis and it would take me one whole day. Rempah for assam pedas, sambal, laksa..etc. Then, I was stupid and spent 2-3 hours peeling those damn shallots. My Muslim colleague told me that I should soak the shallots so it would be easier to peel. Well, it did take some time off it, mebbe an hour? Now I buy peeled ones, but of course got different taste lah. My grandma would scold me if she knew I bought peeled ones. She was old school with her cooking, peel shallots, then pound by hand with pestle & mortar. I remember seeing her do it when we lived together. I tried it. I bought a pestle & mortar. It was…..tedious. I use it for smashing some ingredients. I love the feel of it.

But I love my Kenwood Food Processor more *kisskisskisskiss* oh and my KitchenAid too! *kisskisskisskisskisskiss*

can't make my baguette without my KitchenAid!

can’t make my baguette without my KitchenAid!

Now if I attempt to even make any, Donald will definitely say he would rather pay to go out and eat. Bah..what does he know. hahah

I would bulk make lah, and store it in little packets so I can take and use. Now..hello Prima Paste. Sigh. Okok, must jia you. So far can only keep up with babi sioh. Laksa and sambal, I gotta wait! All that crazy dried chilli soaking plus sieving out the seeds. OMG.

School’s reopened so time to get meal planning again! Been watching Masterchef Australia so hopefully that’s gonna inspire me more!


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