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two days down

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it’s been an utterly lazy two days..the kind that I could definitely get used to.

gluttony & sloth. that’s what Donald and I have been indulging in for the past two days. food, massages and shopping. well, more shopping for me. =P

we spent some time doing up abit of our home, putting up the photo canvas in the bedroom, some wall stickers on the glass toilet door for our ensuite. I can foresee more things to be done for our home! more wall stickers. And it’s all Avi’s fault. *grin*

Yesterday was spent winding down, and going for a spa treatment in town with Donald. Was good to get all the tension out of those shoulders..but the massage was a tad painful! It was a good kind of pain if you get what I mean. This was then followed by a mad seafood..lunch+dinner to satiate a crab craving. We went to Red House at East Coast Park at about 3.30pm, and pigged out big time. We didn’t even have any other food for the rest of the day. That’ll put any crab craving away for the next 10 years. (yeah right =P)

went to Tekka Marketing this morning and the market is awesome! There were so many goodies at the market. I got some sand ginger for a chicken dish that I was dying to try, some pomegranate seeds, blueberries, some loose salad leaves. We had a heavy breakfast..and I washed it down with a chendol drink…which was a bad idea. Urgh. But I foresee more trips to Tekka for some goodies like buah keluak. I will attempt to cook it one day!

We were supposed to have another spa session this afternoon..but apparently it was suitable for my eczema. -_-” what a wasted trip down. well, not really when I managed to squeeze some shopping in, and then collect free tickets to Universal Studios from my aunt. Yay!..which means I’ll have to take the Battlestar Galactica. -_-”  and i’ll do it with my eyes closed! haha. But I’m stoked to be going to Universal Studios! *beams* I’m such a kid. hehe.

Well, more gluttony tomorrow, meeting my parents for hi-tea for The Regent Hotel. *burp* more food goodness. And then..mahjong! off with more debauchery.


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week #37

Grand Shanghai
Grand Shanghai

We celebrated my maternal grandma’s birthday yesterday at this restaurant called Grand Shanghai / 大上海. I had Googled this restaurant to grab directions, and sorta fell in love with the decor. I walked in to feel like I’ve stepped into another world. The decor was reminiscent of the old Shanghai era, yet modern. I could only imagine that might be what people then might have felt about their decor being modern then as well. haha. The lighting, the furniture, the layout of the entire restaurant. Better still, they had a live band and a singer belting out songs from the 1960s.

 Donald said, ‘we could have had our wedding here.’ and I laughed.

Being in one of our crazy moods then, we suddenly had this craze for songs from the 1960s by singers like Ge Lan / 葛蓝, Zhou Xuan / 周璇 and we then decided that we wanted a 1960s Shanghai themed night for our wedding dinner in Singapore. And I had relatives who were all for it too! haha.

Obviously that didn’t come to pass..maybe one day. Our 50th wedding anniversary eh? =P

Twas another mad week. Going home late, dinner out..etc. The usual. We caught a free movie “The Infidel” on Thursday, courtesy of a colleague at work. It was quite funny, not the big ha-ha hilarious funny, but funny enough. We scored a couple seat, and I got to have my popcorn, so I’m happy. =D

The highlight of the week was going to the Isetan Private Sale for their members. So auntie right?? Gah. We headed there to check out some electrical appliances for our new flat. Scored a decent rice cooker, and FINALLY bought new clothes. Little Ms here has been hit by the shopping bug recently for some reason. I’ve gone shopping for clothes/books 3 times in a span of 1 week! Donald asked me yesterday if I’ve gotten the shopping bug out of my system cos he was getting a little worried about the spending. haha. And yes, I’ve gotten it out of my system. The colours for clothes were getting a little boring. Purple, light pink, pale yellow, navy blue, black and white. Not alot of variety to be honest.

Spent another hour at Kinokuniya again. Deciding between Okashi by Keiko Ishida or The Cake Book by Tish Boyle. I ended up bying Okashi for the various Japanese influenced recipes. The Cake Book is a rather technical book, which I also enjoyed whilst browsing. It explained why one used baking soda and baking powder, why some flours are used, the technicalities behind a chiffon cake etc. It felt too much like a textbook. Thought I might refer to some of the recipe bookings that I have to see if they had such technicalities, before splurging  $60 on The Cake Book. heh

Anyhoos, quiet weekend in. I’m not going to do much thinking. Gonna be catching up on ALOT of sleep and chores before starting the week ahead. 

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for some reason when i typed in that title, all I thought about was “mooning”. -__-“”

haha. bad bad Justine! =P

what a week. and what a week ahead too! I’m this close to getting sick of thinking about my new flat. calls to suppliers, shopping for lights and drawers, calls regarding curtains and blinds. I’m up to my eyeballs with stuff for the new flat. My old bedroom at my parents’ place is almost filled up with things that we’ve bought, on top of all our boxes that we’ve moved from Perth.

how i miss my stuff, shoes and bags in particular. I’ll release and see you in 2 months time!!

anyhoos, after a loooong Saturday, I decided that today will be a quiet day. Sorta. I got bored really quickly. And then I decided that, I’ll go to town. All by myself. Donald hates window-shopping, so I thought it’d be nice to go shopping without him (which also equates to shopping without guilt =P).

I had big plans for the late arvo. I was gonna hit Takashimaya first, then Bugis Junction, and stopping at Suntec City.

I spent so much time at Kinokuniya that I wasn’t even done with Taka. BAH. I took a stroll around the mooncake fair happening at Taka. Mooncakes EVERYWHERE! So many flavours of mooncakes. The latest one seems to be some charcoal bamboo flavoured one. I sampled one, and according to the sales guy, “if you’ve got a really sharp tongue, you’d be able to taste the bitterness of the charcoal bamboo”.

Uhh..okay. Isn’t charcoal bitter to begin with? I mean, burnt stuff generally are, aren’t they? I couldn’t taste the said bitterness anyways, guess the sweet lotus paste overpowered everything else. I ended up buying a box of flaky taro mooncakes. mmM. A rather grandfatherly guy was deep-frying it, and was instructing me how to heat it up, and how to keep it if I didn’t intend to eat them by tonight. Cute fella. =P

Then I headed to Kino. Bad mistake. I was intent on looking for the perfect recipe book. Well, just browing and hoping that I’d find the right one. I’ve got so many food magazines that sometimes I think having a recipe book..just doesn’t do it justice. Like I get such variety from the food magazines! Then I thought I’d search for a dessert recipe book. If they weren’t cakes and mousses, they were Chinese desserts only. *sigh* I wish there was a local dessert recipe book, one that encompasses any and every kind of dessert that you’d find in Singapore. A book that didn’t make your dessert look like it came out of a restaurant.

A book that had dessert for every and any occasion and didn’t take alot of effort and time to prepare. Iced. Hot. Cold. Liquid. Creamy. Rice. Cakes. Kuehs. Jelly. Fruity.

And it had to be a good authentic dessert recipe book. You know there are those kinds of recipe books on the market that just doesn’t do the food justice. Like how sweet and sour pork in Australia, just isn’t the same as sweet and sour pork in Singapore.

You get the drift.

I reckon it’d be an exciting project to do. HRM.

Anyhoos. Donald asked if this solo shopping thing is going to be a weekly event. I wouldn’t mind. I think we both need our ‘me’ times away from each other. Even though it’s for a couple of hours. Did feel a little weird going shopping without him since we are always so sticky with each other. But I really enjoyed my time wandering the streets alone. =D

So, week ahead is going to be filled with meet ups with the contractor again, late evenings, and a long weekend cos of the public holiday this Friday. Not so long for me cos I gotta work on Saturday. Wondering if I should take half a day off to go for some insane sale happening, just to grab some stuff for our flat. AGAIN.

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