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Credit: Derrick Ong Photography

Credit: Derrick Ong Photography

as you probably have figured out by now, this is us.

AnĀ About Us page and of course I gotta pick one of the photos from our wedding 5 years ago. I mean we looked good. And today..haha, not so good. Parenthood caught up with us and we let ourselves go. Kua kua.

Hey, appearances (size) have changed. The number of us has changed (four of us now!). We changed. But all for the better. It’s hard not to when we’ve got kids. Every day is just a huge learning experience for us.

This blog is my thoughts about my kids, my life, and random bitchy thoughts. I mean, I’m a SAHM. Apart from kiddy thoughts to keep my kids entertained, I need some form of entertainment in the form of blogging. And god knows what kind of thoughts run through my mind when I am out with my kids and observing people around me.

I also run two businesses:

Big Little Me
BLM vector


The Diaper Cake Company

tdcc merge

These two business are also my babies..of another different kind. We are still growing, and it is also a learning journey for newbies like us. Hopefully it will be something that will be able to put my kids through university! haha

Anyhoos, I hope you like what you read (or not). For further information, you can always contact me at

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