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Ollie has inherited Daddy Ting’s cold humour and it’s payback time.

1) crackers & cracker
Donald: come on Ollie, give daddy the (packet of) crackers. You are supposed to only have 2 more.
Ollie: no! I want to eat many many crackers
Donald: give daddy the (packet of) crackers.
Ollie: *gives Donald one cracker*
Me: *cracks up*

2) post cracker fiasco
Donald: here, wipe your fingers *hands Ollie a wipe*
Ollie: *wipes and tosses it on the floor*
Donald: hey! how many times did I say not to throw things on the floor? When you are done, you give it to Daddy! *picks wipe up and hands it to Ollie* now do it again!
Ollie: *tosses wipe on the floor*
Me: *in hysterics*
Donald: you are right. Daddy needs to be more specific next time.

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