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Justine & Justina
Justine & Justina

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Being back in Singapore usually means alot of catching up with friends. Granted I’ve been back in Singapore like 3 times this year, there never seems to be enough of catching up. A trip back home usually begins like this

1. Arrive back in Singapore, drop stuff at home.
2. Out for supper with the usual suspects (Andrew, Joyce, Joanna, Ron, Jeff)
3. Mama’s house for lunch/dinner the following day, major family gathering
4. Poh poh’s house for lunch/dinner the next day, major family gathering
5. Meet up with church mates at church.
6. Meet up with Justina & Kenneth for dinner. Both are usually late.
7. Meet up with Serene if time permits

If Donald and I don’t return together, repeat steps 3 & 4 twice with Donald in tow (doesn’t happen that often). And Donald and I will go visit his grandparents.

There’s also usually alot of eating involved. We need to catch up with authentic Singapore food. haha. By the 3rd day we are back, I’ll be so sick of food. OD-ing WAY too much on food, and new places to eat.

This time round, having a little bit more time on my hands, I was able to have a couple of intimate meals with close friends which was awesome. Just being able to catch up with them in depth. Sometimes it’s just nice and comforting to know that somethings never change! =) And if they do, it’s always for the better. Like Wah-kor finding a girlfriend. haha.

Being back in Singapore for slightly more than a month, gave me some time to re-think about living in Singapore. Definitely a lot of comparison between the lifestyles in Australia and Singapore. Pros and cons. It boils down to what we want for our lives ahead. And we are pretty aware of what we want.

Only time will tell eh?

Settling back into routine quite nicely. The boys are back to normal after an afternoon. More room to run around and play-fight. I get woken up by Marcus for cuddles & rubs at 6.30am. Thomas whinges for food at 7.30am. Aye, we’re back on track.

Just need a big food shop for the week ahead. Christmassy meals! Gonna be attempting some turkey dishes, hopefully they’ll turn out alright. I’m going to start posting daily recipes to remind myself of what I thought of that dish. If I don’t post anything, means we’re eating out! hehe.

Speaking of eating out, Donald & I are gonna celebrate the 1st month anniversary of our customary wedding in SG next Tuesday by eating at the C Restaurant. It’s on the 33rd floor of some building, so it’ll have an awesome view! Booking’s at 6.30pm, so we should get an awesome sunset. =D

 4 years 7 mths 26 days on, yes, we’re still honeymooning.  =)

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