hey 3yo monster

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so hard to grab a photo of him these days!

so hard to grab a photo of him these days!

hey you.

the one who turned 3yo yesterday. yeah, you.

how does it feel to turn 3? what goes through your little mind? You had a fairly crazy past year eh?

Your time with mummy got cut short by A LOT.
There was a new addition to our family, namely your little brother.
And then you started school.

It was hard for you to digest everything but you took it all in stride. You adapted so well, and are so independent now. I hope you understand how proud of you I am, despite all the yelling and disciplining you have been getting over the past year.

But it’s so funny”
“Mummy is happy”
“Are you proud of me, mummy?”
“But I am listening.”

You would say these to cope with the terse situation when you get scolded. If it was a really harsh scolding, you would cry. Oh you would cry your heart out whilst holding my leg. You would want to be carried.

Mummy carry, mummy carry.” And I would relent. God knows how much both of us would need a hug at that time.

But I. Love. You. to bits. And I know you do love me too.

The look on your face as I pick you up from school each day.
The look on your face when we see each other on Sunday evenings again after your stay with your maternal grandma.
The way you hold me tight when you feel in the mood.
The way you climb all over me.
The way you ask me if I needed something randomly.

The way you hold my arm close to you in your sleep during your afternoon naps.

These days, the things you tell me crack me up. The way you play with your brother makes my heart burst with love for the two of you. The way you look after him, offering him a sip of water oh so carefully.

Oh Ollie, I hope you know how special you are. And how loved you are by your parents.

This year will be an even bigger year as you go to school, as you make your second long-haul trip to visit your cousin, and as we possibly give you another sibling *fingers crossed*

As you would say, are you ready? Come on, darling, I’m pretty sure nothing fazes you by this time. So let’s go!

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