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I want to marry you cos going through & choosing the engagement photos, I’m pretty sure this is what I want. We are gonna have some awesome memories! (not like your clothes..in some box =P)

– 12/7

Recently, thanks to shopping, we had to clear out some wardrobe space for the new clothes. We will then drop the clothes off at the donation bin. I usually do a run through of my clothes every 6 months, and chuck some clothes into the ‘rags’ pile or the ‘donation’ pile.

Donald has got heaps of clothes that he refuses to thrash. He’d basically wear a comfy-t-shirt down to almost rags and he’d still keep it. Cos it’s comfy. And well, of course, a pile of clothes that I’ve never seen him wear. It’s just sitting there in the drawer taking up space. We decided to go through his drawer one day. The whole session went something like that..

‘No you can’t throw that!! That’s t-shirt was from my canoeing days!’

‘Not that! It’s a Nike top! And it’s brand new, and feel the material! I’ll wear that one day..and no no..put that back, that’s one of my memories.’

And then he got it. He used ‘memories’ as a reason for not throwing clothes out. *shakes head* For now, we basically assigned this tiny space in his drawer for his ‘memories’ and are currently looking for a box to put his ‘memories’ in. I’m definitely not sharing my wardrobe (yes, I paid for most of it) with any ex-girlfriend related ‘memories’. There are a few pieces. *grumbles*

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